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Branding consistency

Take advantage of presono to implement your consistent branding and create a strong brand presence. Save time and effort on design, increase recognition and enable creative displays for all users.

With presono you have the possibility to realize consistent branding for your presentations. Instead of designing each slide individually, you create templates that serve as a basis. In these templates, the settings regarding the appearance of the slides and presentations are made so that the branding guidelines can be applied, checked and adjusted there. Through permissions, you control who creates these templates for everyone. This way, this task is usually reserved for a small group of users, while a broader group of users can only use the templates and create and fill slides with them, but must adhere to the guidelines and settings.

Templates are also subject to centralized management. Each template exists only once, but any number of slides or views can be created with it. Changes to the template automatically affect all slides and pages that are based on this template. This means that special adjustments to the corporate design only have to be made in the templates, but not in all the presentations and apps that have been set up. This significantly reduces the maintenance effort and saves time.

In addition to the templates, global settings can also be made for the entire company. For example, corporate colors can be set there, fonts and font styles can be defined, and list styles can be defined. Changes to these global settings automatically affect all slides, templates, views, documents and presentations in which they are used. This enables a consistent look and feel and manages brand presence.

The advantage of consistent branding with presono is clear: you consistently implement your brand identity and communicate your brand message in a consistent way. This strengthens recognition and saves time for creators who can focus on content instead of getting lost in design issues. Future rebranding processes are also simplified, as adjustments only need to be made in key places. Even uncreative or inexperienced users can use presono to implement creative representations and thus realize the full potential of their brand presentation.

Learn more about how presono can help you implement consistent branding and build a strong brand presence. Contact our team today for more information or schedule a free demo to experience the benefits for yourself.

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