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Product catalogue

The digital product catalog: Interactive presentations redefined. Transform traditional product presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences with presono.

The days of rigid, linear product presentations are over. In a digital era where customer information and interaction take center stage, presono offers the ability to transform your product catalog into an interactive experience. Imagine being able to navigate through products much like you would through a modern app or website, adjusting the order and depth of content shown based on your customer's interest and questions. This level of interactivity allows, for example, the sales teams of Emco Test, WFL, Faigle or Springer Maschinenfabrik to present in a completely new, dynamic way that increases customer engagement and interest.

But how do you turn a presentation into an interactive product catalog? With presono, you can integrate links, overviews and menus into your presentations, creating the character of an app or website. Multimedia content, from videos to 3D models to detailed PDF data sheets, can be seamlessly integrated to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the product. Best of all, all of this content is centrally managed and updated, so your entire team always has access to the latest information. This interactive approach not only dramatically reduces preparation and follow-up time, but also ensures that your customers always receive the most up-to-date and relevant product information. With presono, your product catalog becomes a vibrant, interactive tool that goes far beyond what traditional presentation software can offer.

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