Man or machine: What role do we play in the digital transformation?

In recent years, the digital transformation has brought about significant changes in almost all areas of life. It has created a world in which robots perform monotonous tasks faster and more error-free than humans, and in which artificial intelligence (AI) can do things that until recently only humans were capable of. So what role do we humans play in the digital world and what challenges and opportunities does this present?

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Release Notes: External Links, Thumbnails and so much more!

In presono there are a lot of new things to discover! New linking options, video thumbnails to choose yourself and so much more.

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Santa Claus and the Metaverse

Santa Claus is nervously biting his nails. He has just sent the investment pitch for Angel Gabriel's Secret Santa app to CocaRola via an interactive link. Will the presentation that his digitalization officer Marie created together with the start-up pretono really have an impact and will they receive the 400,000 XmasDollar investment?

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Release Notes: Custom aspect ratio and so much more!

There are a lot of new things to discover in presono now! Slides can now be created in all possible aspect ratios, performance has been improved and much more!

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Numbers, data, facts: These 5 presentation tips make them understandable

If you give presentations on a regular basis, you've probably struggled with the presentation of numbers, facts and figures. Especially the visualization of numbers can be quite a headache. In the next 4,232 characters, we'll reveal how to present them in such a way that they are immediately easy for your audience to understand. Or should we say better, in the next 6 paragraphs with the best 5 tips?

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This is the real reason why too much text on slides doesn't work

We keep preaching that too much text on slides is an absolute no-go. After all, it's not only visually unappealing, it also distracts far too much from the actual presentation. But what the real reason for this is, we reveal in the following blog post including demonstration video to experience directly and try out for yourself!

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Release Notes: Media Gallery Filters, Media Translations and so much more!

In presono there are a lot of new things to discover once more! Filters in media galleries, translating media and so much more.

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Marketing expert Peter Gattinger: "presono solves today what I would have wished for already 20 years ago!"

Marketing, sales and presentations have always been inextricably linked - and yet, in many cases, internal company processes could not be more inefficient. It is therefore high time to effectively link these important areas. This is exactly the opinion of the Linz-based agency Impact Marketing, which, as our new strong partner, has specialized in the implementation of (corporate) presentations with our software. Time for a talk with presentation pro and marketing expert Peter Gattinger, who not only reveals his very personal presentation tricks to us, but also tells us how he himself already tinkered with a kind of "presono" almost 20 years ago.

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The best sustainable trade fair solutions: More success with digital technology

Sustainability is more than just ticking off a checklist. It is a crucial area of investment where companies can achieve real competitive advantages. Particularly when it comes to trade shows, the topics of digitalization and environmental impact are pushing ever further into the foreground. We have collected the most important factors with which you can make your trade show booth not only more environmentally friendly, but also more successful at the same time.

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Self-service presentation software brings these amazing benefits to small businesses

Today, technological change is taking place at an unprecedented pace, creating a world that demands ever faster, ever better, ever more professional results. As the demands on concepts, documents, pitches and presentations, among other things, continuously climb up the scale of expectations, tools are needed to support this optimization hunt in an efficient and structured way. In the following article, we reveal the amazing advantages that easy-to-implement self-service solutions can create here.

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This hot pizza model guarantees a successful software launch

Introducing new (presentation) software in a company is always a challenge. After all, not only must the team be brought on board, but a stable structure must also be created. To help our customers overcome all hurdles with ease, we have derived a comprehensive guide for the perfect start into the world of presono from our years of active project support - and it is as uncomplicated as the recipe for a do-it-yourself pizza!

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Release Notes: iOS App & PDFs in galleries!

There is now a lot of new things to discover in presono! A new update for the iOS app, the PDF viewer has more options, PDFs can now be used in media galleries and much more.

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How to make a successful company presentation

Running a successful business does not only mean paying attention to the quality of the services or products offered. It also means presenting yourself professionally to customers and partners. We have summarized the best way to do this in our guide to successful business presentations.

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The digitization of Christmas

In a good mood, Santa Claus trudges to the gift workshop located directly behind his house at North Pole 1. The elves are already hard at work – after all, it was already mid-September and at this time of year, numerous wish lists already flutter into the Christmas post office every day. Confidently Claus looks at the new incoming mails on his XmasBook ...

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Virtual Sales Expert Jakob Pieber: "Thanks to digital tools, I have the power of an entire team"

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19, video conferencing and collaboration tools have become an integral part of our everyday working lives. Working in a home office has proven its worth, and many companies are already thinking about offering this option on a permanent basis. But while little will change for many classic office jobs in the home office, sales in particular will face many new challenges. One person who has recognized great opportunities in these times of upheaval and reacted to them immediately is Jakob Pieber, a sales expert from Graz. In this exciting digitalization talk, he reveals how he has succeeded in doing so and what simple tips and tricks can be used to successfully optimize online sales.

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The 10 commandments for a successful trade fair presentation

Of course you can send a prayer to heaven and hope that your next trade fair presentation will be a complete success. But it is probably much more effective if you simply follow the ten commandments for successful trade fair presentations. So if you're currently preparing for top trade shows like Fakuma, K, Bauma, InnoTrans or Hannover Messe, be sure to take the following tips and tricks to heart.

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Action! presono introduces automated video clips for presentations

Does the thought of editing videos, adding music, images and text make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? With presono, animated short videos now become an absolute no-brainer! We will now show you how you can create them for your presentations in presono with just a few mouse clicks and without any video editing skills!

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Release Notes: Media Journeys, PDFs and much more!

There are some new functions to discover in presono! Templates can now be saved with demo content, the integration of PDFs and web content has been improved and individualised layouts can be switched to reusable ones! And there is a completely new feature available: Media Journeys!

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This is why the last impression counts!

The first impression counts, the last impression remains. True to this motto, you should pay special attention to the first and especially the last slide of your presentations. We have not only put together some helpful last slide ideas for you, but also reveal why you should definitely keep your hands off the ever-popular "Thank you for your attention" slide!

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The true story about bullet points and presentations

Bullet points are - we'll just say it as it is - the death of any presentation and a sure one-way ticket to the center of total boredom. Deep down, we all know that the classic PowerPoint layout, which has been flickering across screens since the 80s, just doesn't work. But then why does the 08/15 slide manage to creep in again and again? We have the answer!

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The linear B2B presentation is dead! With these 7 tips your interactive sales pitch is guaranteed to be a success

You can create the greatest and most innovative product and invest vast amounts of time and money in technological progress, but if you can't sell your work accordingly, you won't be successful. In the intensified battle for the attention of customers, it is therefore essential to find communication media that fit the claim of a forward-looking company and make it tangible as such. In the following seven tips, we'll tell you how you can achieve this in the form of interactive presentations!

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Create the perfect pitch deck - with this guide it's guaranteed to work!

Let's be real here: not every startup idea will go to the heart of a room full of investors. That's not a bad thing, though, because the feeling you really want to instill in investors is the fear of missing out, or the fear that someone else might snatch the deal away. To do that, however, you need not only the perfect pitch, but also the perfect pitch deck. What a pitch deck is, how to build a pitch deck and what you should definitely pay attention to, we reveal now!

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Release Notes: Meta data for templates and much more!

Some new functions can be discovered in presono! Your own privacy policy can now be linked, the search and the pages have been improved and meta data are now available also for Templates!

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Applause! These tips will make your (investment) pitch a success

No matter what industry you are in, there will come a time when you have to convince a potential customer, partner or investor about you, your products, your services or your company. And this pitch should be a good one, because in most cases there is no second chance. To ensure that your presentation will blow your interview partners away, we have collected the five most important tips - including special tips for investment pitches!

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Hard to believe! With these 5 presentation tips you save valuable working hours

We all know it, the enormous time pressure that accompanies the modern working world. When, in addition to the daily workload, the next presentation is due, stress is usually pre-programmed. Especially the preparation of the presentation (according to studies, this takes an average of eight valuable hours per month!*) can become an unpleasant time-consuming task. To help you make this process as efficient as possible, we have put together a few helpful tips and tricks for you.

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Translation workflow for presentations: Here's what you need to watch out for

If you work in a large, internationally active company, you are probably familiar with the problem of different languages and translations. After all, it's not just web activities that need to be kept up to date here, but above all countless sales and marketing documents as well as company presentations. To help you move forward as efficiently as possible, we have summarized the five most important phases for a smooth workflow.

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Release Notes: Translation management, new design and much more!

There are new features to discover in presono! The content structure got in a new design, translations can be managed now even easier, and our user interface is now also available in French!

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This is what the hybrid workstation for perfect presentations looks like

The pandemic has turned much of the way we work upside down. To ensure flexible and digital collaboration, the workplace itself will change - regardless of whether it is located at home or in the office. We are convinced that not only meetings but also presentations will continue to take place virtually in the future. So that you can prepare for this in the best possible way, we have put together suggestions for basic and advanced workstation equipment.

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That's why the right fonts are a must in presentations

Designing slides for presentations is not always easy. After all, it is not only important WHAT you put on a slide, but also HOW. In addition to expressive images, it is above all the appropriate fonts and colors that contribute significantly to how the audience receives a message and what emotions they associate with it. To ensure that everything works out, we have compiled the basics of typography for presentations, including helpful tips from presono designer Florian Landlinger.

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Release Notes: Multiselect in our content structure & so much more!

There are new features to discover in presono! In your content structure multiselect is possible now, the image gallery has been expanded and the presono interface will be available in French soon!

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The 6 most important presentation types

Investment pitch, keynote, product or service presentation, digital showroom, trade fair appearance, sales and company presentation: There are many different types of presentations, but what are the differences and what is important in each case? We have put together a crisp overview.

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presono makes translations even easier with XLIFF

Whether it's websites, brochures or presentations, when texts are translated, the translator often has to work with many different file types, the associated editing software and multiple translation tools. This requires not only extensive knowledge of a wide variety of formats, but also a great deal of organizational work and file management. We now make this process much easier, clearer and more efficient with our newly integrated XLIFF module.

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Stronger together: Exclusive partnership with fido

In order to achieve great goals, you need not only experience, expertise and a great team, but above all strong partners who share your visions and actively promote them. In fido Bürosysteme, we have found just such a partner. Since January 2021, the trading and consulting company has been our exclusive sales partner in Germany and is deeply immersed in the world of presentations.

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Release Notes: PDF Download, preview images & so much more

There are now new features to discover in presono! Download PDFs directly from shared presentations, preview images when uploading images, shortcuts and many more improvements are available now!

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These 7 deadly sins will make your presentation unprofessional

The good Lord will probably not punish you for amateurism in your presentations, but your audience will. After all, if you commit the seven deadly sins of professionalism, you'll not only pay for it with dwindling attention, but also with the disdain of your audience. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, this blog post looks at the most common mistakes that make presentations look instantly unprofessional.

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presono on air

We can proudly announce it: Our TV spots are on air! Since the end of 2020 our first spots have been running on the high-reach channels of the ProSieben Sat.1 PULS 4 Group. In the following blog post, we additionally show you three fun online spots and reveal what each means.

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Release Notes: Sharing Enhancements & Meta Data

In presono there are now new functions to discover! There are now even more functions to discover when sharing your presentation or session! And the meta data has a completely new design and has some exciting new features to offer!

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Best PowerPoint Alternatives for 2021

Almost everyone associates PowerPoint with the same thing – namely a real love-hate relationship. Even though it is very popular hundreds of thousands of users despair every day over missing functions and little things that strain their nerves. For this reason companies should keep an eye on the variety of PowerPoint alternatives – because they are huge and in some areas years ahead of the dinosaur software! Here is a small overview of our five favorites.

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Event expert Michael Kremnitzer: „This is the digital Wild West“

New York, Tokyo, Vienna – the Corona pandemic has accelerated digitization worldwide and created a new digital habitat with new rules. An entrepreneur who reacted immediately to this is Michael Kremnitzer. With his agency "Event Partner Austria," he has taken on the challenge of successfully digitizing events. In this exciting digitalization talk, he reveals how he succeeded in doing so, how he uses presono and gives an insight on what the future of the event industry looks like.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #6 Organisation & collaboration

Crises generate a lot of energy which, if used constructively, can be a great source of innovation and inspiration. According to this, presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler analyse the lockdown working world and give in episode #6 of their podcast special helpful tips on internal organisation and cooperation.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #5 trainings & webinars

Public life and everyday corporate life as we have known it so far are currently in standby mode. So on-site training courses are not at least history. In episode #5 of their podcast digitization special, presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler discuss how webinars and online training courses can now be of helpful support.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #4 e-commerce

The Corona pandemic and the lockdown have not only boosted e-commerce, but also generated many new customers for a lot of brands. This is particularly true for business that were already well positioned in the online sector before the crisis started or promptly expanded it. For all those who are still lagging behind, there are helpful tips & tricks in episode #4 of the lockdown podcast special by presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #3 Marketing & Sales

What kind of challenges in marketing and sales are companies currently facing and how can they be solved? That's what the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler discuss in episode #3 of their digitalization podcast special.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #2 Extern communication

The special episodes of "Achtung Achterbahn" on the topic of digitalization move on to the next round. In episode #2, the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler reveal helpful tips and tricks about external communication in lockdown times.

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Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #1 Internal communication

With "Achtung Achterbahn" the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler have created a podcast for founders as well as people interested in startups and business. Now the two are expanding their podcast with special episodes, which are supposed to ease the lockdown life in home office & co. with helpful tips and tricks. This new series starts with a look at the topic of internal communication.

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Release Notes: Delete & replace, Notes, iOS App

In presono there are now new functions to discover! Individual elements can be deleted and replaced by another one in the same moment! You can create notes for slides, which can be displayed on the second screen during presentations. The iOS app comes in a new look!

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Even better presentation with the new iOS App

The world of work is changing - almost daily. In order to remain adaptable, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets & Co. have already taken a firm place in everyday working life. So we have access to our e-mails, our calendar, our business data and - with the presono app - also to our presentations at any time and any place.

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These 4 formulas lead to the presentation goal

"A good speech has a good beginning and a good end - and both should be as close together as possible.” This quote from Mark Twain sums it up perfectly. This was even proven by research, showing that people remember the beginning and the end better than the middle part of a presentation (Serial-position effect).

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Let’s take a break! This is why breaks are so valuable

When we are excited, we often babble without a period or comma. Our own voice rolls over and the listeners lose the thread at some point due to increased speaking speed. This applies not only to conversations in small groups, but especially to speeches in front of an audience.

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The most important Dos & Don'ts for extraordinary slides

One thing right from the start: Perfect, high-quality slides are an expected and crucial part of most speeches, presentations and pitches these days. To make sure that you can create exceptional slides, too, all you have to do is follow the following (before and after) rules.

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TV deal closed: presono achieves Media 4 Equity Investment in the millions

One million Euro TV media volume on the stations of the ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 Group for eight percent company shares - that was the deal we were able to close in the 7th season of the PULS 4 start-up show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen" in February. After the show, we agreed on an even bigger deal.

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Project & Account Manager Sarah Koll: Happy customers are the most beautiful thing!

Empathy, heart and passion - Sarah Koll inspires not only our entire team, but also our customers. With great sensitivity, the project and account manager makes sure that all project processes are perfectly coordinated and that customer presentations not only reflect the most important information, but also the soul of each company.

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HLW Steyr takes presono into the curriculum in autumn

Modern, innovative, professional: That is not only us, but also HLW Steyr - because it is the first school to include our presentation and management tool in its curriculum starting in autumn 2020!

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"Exactly the tool we need for our growth strategy in sales" - How EREMA Group GmbH uses presono profitably

For a world-leading mechanical engineering company like EREMA, convincing presentations at trade fairs and in sales are among the most important communication channels. Find out here how a planned cooperation between presono and EREMA for the K Fair 2019 has developed into a holistic concept for the entire sales department.

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The newsletter principle: How to evaluate your sent presentations

What do newsletter campaigns have in common with professional presentations? Exactly - you benefit from optimally prepared statistics that allow you to analyze your campaigns perfectly.

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Slider, Swiper, Grid: We now make your visual language even more impressive!

When it comes to creating a captivating presentation, spectacular images, videos & Co. are a must.

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"2 Minuten 2 Millionen": We answer the 10 most important questions about the investment show

"2 Minuten 2 Millionen" is one of the most successful TV shows of PULS4. The fact that we were able to convince Seven Ventures investor Daniel Zech of our presentation software in the course of our participation and that we were able to get hold of a media budget of 1 million Euros makes us especially proud.

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Sales & Key Account Manager Michael Dermicek: I carry presono's message out into the world!

When it comes to customer relationship management, Michael Dermicek is our man of confidence.

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5 tips for successful presentations from home office

The corona virus has turned all our lives upside down. Everyday working life is undergoing a radical change and digitalization is experiencing a considerable upswing.

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How smart presentation works today

Interaction, collaboration, efficiency, flexibility and aesthetics - all important points between which one does not really want to choose when it comes to professional presentations.

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presono helps companies in times of corona crisis

Empty factories, drastic slumps in sales, stock market crashes - the effects of the corona virus (COVID-19) are increasingly becoming a threat to the economy.

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presono at "2 Minuten 2 Millionen"

“2 Minuten 2 Millionen” airing on PULS 4 is probably familiar to many people. Now also we will pitch our innovative solution in front of the investors and face all the tricky questions from Florian Gschwandtner, Leo Hillinger & Co.

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How to mess up your sales pitch

5 No Go's for your next sales presentation

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A good pitch can make you rich: How to prepare for a pitch

A good pitch can make you rich: How to prepare for a pitch

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The biggest challenges in presentations

On average, employees spend an hour a day creating presentations. Often this does not run efficiently: formatting and the like take over and the content is missed out. Learn here which three areas you should definitely optimize. 

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In only 3 steps to a convincing storyteller

The art of storytelling has not been reserved for the campfire or bedtime stories for a long time. With the storytelling method you can turn your presentation into a crisp and unforgettable story. We reveal how!

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Have the courage for interactive presentations: Our 6 best tips

Did you know that your audience's attention virtually drops to zero after only ten minutes? Presentation expert Carmine Gallo reveals this, but there is a trick to keep your audience happy: Interaction! With presono, by the way, it's very easy. Here we reveal our best tips.  

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Cornelius Obonya reveals what acting and successful presentations have in common

As an actor Cornelius Obonya is constantly in front of an audience. After so many years in the business, do you still have stage fright and how do you best deal with faux pas at performances? In part two of our interview he tells us his best tips for successful performances.

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The "will" is decisive - Cornelius Obonya on the key to good presentations

As an actor he is constantly on stage, in front of the camera and in front of the audience. He not only has to present different roles, but above all and always himself. How to keep one's cool and at the same time convince the audience? We asked Cornelius Obonya that.

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Start of presentation: Always ask "Why?" first

Have you ever wondered how legendary speakers like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and Co. seemingly effortlessly managed to convince millions of people of something? The author and management consultant Simon Sinek is convinced: The art of inspiring people lies in one little word: "Why?

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Watching allowed! These are some of the best presentations

Good presentations can be moving, captivate the audience and convince them of something. But what actually makes an inspiring presentation? These five speakers got to the heart of the presentation - and you can learn a lot from them!

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With these 5 tips you are guaranteed to use your body language correctly in presentations

When presenting, it is not only what your voice says that counts, but also what your body expresses - and that is usually quite a lot! We will tell you what is important in body language so that you can be convincing in presentations.

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Digital Designer Petra Wierstorff: Presentation Design underlines the message

Visual impressions make up 80% of our memories. One person who therefore deals with creative tricks on a daily basis - for customers as well as for in-house content - is Petra Wierstorff, digital designer at presono.

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The 3 best ways to start a presentation

"Hello, my name is XY. Today I'm going to tell you about..." - Does that sound familiar? Most presentations start with exactly that. And most of the time the audience already switches off at these words. We'll tell you how you can really convince with your introduction to a presentation.

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Power Posing: How to strengthen your self-confidence before presentations

With important presentations it depends also on a convincing body language - there the well-known stage fright can become fast a load. Power Posing allows you to strengthen your self-confidence with simple tricks and rock the next presentation without fear. How this works, we will reveal here. 

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Present like Steve Jobs: These are the techniques behind the legendary presentations

Until his death in 2011, the former Apple CEO was the undisputed star of Apple's product presentations. But even after his death you can still learn a lot from his presentation style. Learn the tricks and secrets behind his legendary presentations.

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Most presentations are an optical disaster: Make sure that yours is not one of them

Most presentations are an optical disaster: Make sure that yours is not one of them

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Digital Designer Katharina Kremeier: "Every day we enable the unimaginable"

Even more important than the spoken word is the visual language of a presentation. Because whether your speech will stick with the audience depends on the design of the slides. Katharina Kremeier, digital designer at presono, will take care of your professional appearance.

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Why you should now rely on visual elements in presentations - more than ever

Industry 4.0, digitization, social media - the world we live in is changing rapidly. Lukas Keller, CEO & Chief Presentation Officer of presono, explains in an interview why presentations are becoming more and more important and why visual elements are so central to this.

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"Unlimited possibilities": This is how presono convinced the HAIDLMAIR company

Whether at exhibitions or in sales - HAIDLMAIR is always confronted with challenges in the field of presentations. Presono is specialized in industrial customers and was able to support the tooling manufacturer with its presentation solution.

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Industry 4.0 & presono: A strong connection with many advantages for industrial customers

Professional product introductions, sales talks and trade fair appearances - in hardly any other area are presentations as topical and important as in industry. It is therefore obvious that presono focuses on the industrial sector. 

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Software Developer Andreas Kasch: "I make the boldest feature-requests possible."

Behind presono there is a team of 20 people who contribute their diverse talents in different areas. Development, design, marketing, project management and sales meet each other. Andreas Kasch, Scrum Master in Software Development, is one of the people who bring presono to life. 

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With these 5 tips you will convince with your presentation (on every stage)

Whether in the professional environment, at university or in private life - presentations are still an important way to convey content and ideas, but very few presentations really manage to convince professionally.

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A strong brand requires a strong presentation: presono supports T-Mobile and UPC with the launch of Magenta

It is currently one of the largest corporate mergers in Austria: T-Mobile Austria and UPC merge and become Magenta. For this occasion, 4,000 selected customers, partners and employees were invited to a major event on May 6, 2019.

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How to convince with your presentation

Everyday work life always requires public speaking in presentations, speeches or lectures. In a comprehensive analysis, the Harvard Business Manager examined the appearances of CEOs of large corporations and found out what makes a good presentation.

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Slack, Trello, presono & Co.: The working world in digital change

Digital tools have the potential to promote exchange, creativity and efficiency. In order to get the maximum added value out of work, it is necessary to rethink work. We show how digital communication tools can support the work processes in your organization.

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Its all about the timing

Who turned the clock...? I'm sure you know how the sentence goes on. We have put together a few helpful tips and tricks for optimal time management to ensure that you don't get shocked when you look at time during your presentation. This is just as important as the content of a presentation!

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Content is Key

Good content is the key to success. And not only in online marketing, but also in presentations. The winged sentence "content is key", however, is often misunderstood. Because this is not about quantity, but about quality!

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The power of the image

A presentation without attention-grabbing images is like a Sacher cake without whipped cream. You can do it, but you probably won't leave a lasting impression. Because it is precisely this icing on the cake that makes for an impressive (taste) experience and makes you remember it.

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Better analysis with presono

Nowadays, when someone collects data, it always has a bad taste. But in our case it is different - because at presono users collect their own data! And this generates a very positive sales effect for their products and services.

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presono is in trend

And in the truest sense of the word! Because the renowned Austrian business magazine TREND reports in its current issue about our innovative tool.

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Ex-Microsoft Manager switches to presono

Presentation has always been his hobby. However, the limitations of available presentation solutions were always a thorn in his side. Now the internationally experienced manager Lukas Keller (50) is moving to presono as the new CEO: "I see a real revolution in this presentation solution!

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Better presentation with presono

Tick, tock, tick, tock ... the time is running! And especially when it comes to business. Because here the clocks seem to run in fast motion. After all, you should always be reachable, always lightning fast and always ultra-flexible.

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Better management with presono Part 3 Strictly confidential

Encryption programs, firewalls, access codes - with the increasing use of computers, Internet & Co. the protection of confidential data becomes more and more important. However, this does not only apply to securely stored server data.

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Better management with presono Part 2 Content search

Are you tired of constantly searching for the latest version of your presentation? We can understand that! So that you don't have to feverishly look for the latest file in the entire company structure before your next presentation, ...

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Better management with presono Part 1 Data chaos

A lot of data often causes a lot of chaos. After all, every person and employee thinks differently and stores information differently. In addition, stored documents are often duplicated and then adapted.

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Present better with translations

At the last minute a participant from a foreign branch announces his arrival and you have the carefully prepared presentation only in German? Oops, that does not leave a good impression. Even if the spontaneous newcomer does not expect a translation.

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Central data management

Who does not know it. You have to give a presentation and start searching for the latest version. Is the version of the company or product presentation that is in the folder provided the current one?

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Targeted analysis

But have you ever asked yourself how often the new product presentation is actually presented to the customer? Or which content the customer is still interested in? How long on average the customer stays on a slide...?

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The presono family is growing

Since presono is developing rapidly, our team is also growing strongly! Since June 2017 our team already counts an incredible 14 employees.

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presono receives seven-figure investment

After our rocket-like entry into the software industry, we are now accelerating our course once again: We have succeeded in bringing several Austrian top managers on board in the first investment round (seed round).

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