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Efficient presentations for mechanical engineering. Transform complex product information into impressive, interactive presentations with presono.

Mechanical engineering is characterized by products that require explanation and are highly standardized to a certain extent. The industry is faced with the challenge of presenting these products clearly and understandably at trade fairs, in showrooms or at presentations. In addition, there is the need to make complex products more understandable through training.

presono offers the ideal solution for this. With our platform, you can create interactive presentations that present complex machines and processes in a comprehensible way. Our tools make it possible to use standardized content for recurring product features while at the same time making individual adjustments. This not only ensures clarity, but also an impressive presentation experience.

Sales in mechanical engineering particularly benefits from the opportunities presono offers. Our platform supports sales teams in presenting their products effectively and convincingly, whether in face-to-face meetings, at trade fairs or at events. presono's "kiosk mode" is ideal for trade show booths and showrooms, with presentations starting automatically and protected from unauthorized access.

Companies like KUKA, KEBA and Primetals already rely on presono. They use our platform not only for sales presentations, but also for training to promote understanding of their products. In an industry where the right presentation and explanation of products can be crucial, presono provides the tools and features companies need to stand out from the competition and get their message across effectively. It's not just a question of presentation, but also efficiency and security. With presono, you are well equipped to succeed in mechanical engineering.

We would be happy to explain more details, possibilities and resulting benefits of our platform to you. Contact us for more information or schedule a free demo to see how our platform can help you easily present sales content in different use cases, increase marketing productivity, stand out from the competition and increase your revenue.