Onboarding in the tool

When a new software is introduced, user onboarding is a key aspect. We are committed to providing you with the best possible support in this process by addressing your individual needs.

Whether it's a national or international rollout, a large or small user base, or whether you opt for a homegrown or all-inclusive package, we're happy to adapt to your individual needs. We offer full rollout support with customized training, Q&A sessions, consulting and supporting materials. Of course, you can also choose to do a full internal rollout. For this, we provide you with a special package of step-by-step instructions and valuable tips from our many years of experience.

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Individual roll out support

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Support tickets / tool support

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Support Tickets & Tool Support

We provide end-user support, including an annual quota of support tickets. Your users can reach us by phone or email and we will take care of the individual request.

Individual rollout guidance

We are happy to take on various tasks for you, such as training, end-user support, consulting, monitoring and technical support for equipment, right through to supporting the core team. In doing so, we flexibly adapt to your requirements and processes.

Individual consulting

With many years of experience working with customers from a wide range of industries, we are happy to offer our insights to help you achieve an optimal rollout. Our diverse experience with different use cases and requirements has given us a wide range of knowledge and skills. We have already prepared numerous trade shows with our customers and accompanied international rollouts in many countries.


Training is an important aspect that needs to be customized when introducing a new software tool. We offer a wide range of training options, ranging from all-inclusive support to self-learning options. We provide a comprehensive knowledge base filled with numerous articles and step-by-step guides. These resources are always available and provide a solid foundation for self-learners. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of our tool.

We also offer training videos for different user groups. For example, a standard user can learn the basic functions of the tool in less than 10 minutes. All functions that are relevant for this user group are explained in a compact and understandable way. For the creator group, we offer a special video that explains everything related to creating slides, presentations and media in about 1.5 hours. For the administrators and those who manage the templates, we have special videos that deal explicitly with these functionalities. We have taken care to package everything into compact and specific videos to make the learning process as efficient as possible.

In addition to these resources, we also offer on-demand Q&A webinars. In these interactive sessions, you can ask your individual questions and we will be happy to address your specific concerns. Our training approach aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tool, with a strong emphasis on flexibility and individuality.

Pizza Model

We have a special offer for those who want to perform the rollout without our accompaniment. The pizza model is a concept developed by us that enables an independent rollout of our software. It offers support and orientation during the rollout and helps you to keep an overview of the upcoming tasks. Our goal is to provide an easy and independent introduction to our world. We offer the model in different levels, with the full version developed for the first and fully internally handled rollout. There are also Light and Superlight versions of the package that can be used for repeated or new projects.

More information about the Pizza Model Project Management Package can be found on our blog.

Individual training & training packages

We are happy to share our knowledge in a way that is tailored to your specific use cases. We offer individual training on-site or via webinars, where we work directly on your platform and with your content. We take individual conditions into account and integrate customized examples into the training. For larger and especially international rollouts, we offer customized training packages. These packages, customized according to your needs, include various sheets and instructional videos that are elaborated and recorded directly on your presono interface and with your content. You can make these packages available internally at your convenience to train many users in a short time without scheduling dependencies.