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More than 10,000 users already rely on our innovative software solution for product catalogs and product presentations.

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Efficient creation of product catalogs

Save time and resources by quickly and easily creating engaging product catalogs directly online with our software.

Interactive and engaging presentations

Inspire your customers with interactive online product presentations that will convince and impress.

Flexibility and updatability

Stay flexible and react quickly to changes in your product range. This way you always showcase the latest products.

Maximize sales success

Increase your sales success by offering your customers an appealing and user-friendly purchasing experience.

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"We were looking for a tool that works on a wide variety of end devices, offline and in multiple languages."

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Frequently asked questions about creating product catalogs with our software

The duration depends on your individual requirements and goals. Some companies have launched their online product catalog within a few weeks, while larger, international projects require more time. In general, presono can be implemented in just a few weeks. We are happy to provide individual advice and support, create project plans and offer various training models and materials tailored to your needs.

The biggest benefit of digital product presentations is centralized management of your data - this allows you to maintain all content and information about your products just once. This means that your documents are updated and modified in no time at all. And because everyone uses the same content, everyone always uses the latest version - so no matter whether you update an image, a number or a PDF, the information presented will never be out of date.

The use of our software to create online product catalogues is characterized by the fact that it is just as intuitive and easy to use as comparable products from Microsoft or Adobe. This ensures that your very first digital product presentation will be a real eye-catcher. Thanks to standardized and versatile templates, getting started is made even easier and, based on the experience we have gained over the last 10 years, we are also happy to support you with recommendations for different user roles or specific skills for individual people.

The central administration and reusability of all materials are topics which, based on experience, can significantly reduce the effort required for maintenance and modification. And the central settings for branding, combined with detailed permission management, also significantly simplify and optimize daily user interaction. As a result, every user receives a customized result and can easily find their way around the product catalog software.

presono offers a platform where all documents and information can be kept up to date centrally, where branding compliance can be guaranteed, and which can be used to present content directly on all common devices. The content of digital product presentations can be easily reused and made available to the customer with very few clicks. This provides additional insights into customer interest, as it is possible to analyze what the customer is looking at and what they are interested in. To put it in a nutshell, presono is your all-in-one solution that replaces a number of isolated solutions.

presono enables you to gain exclusive insights into the use of your online product catalogs, such as which products are shown and used particularly frequently. This makes it possible to derive targeted optimizations that can then be implemented in the content or in product management. And thanks to the analysis option for externally shared content, knowledge of customers' actual interest in your products and services also increases. presono is therefore your all-in-one solution for perfectly showcasing your content in a targeted manner.

Are you currently updating your branding?

Then it's the ideal moment to take a closer look at presono - after all, you are currently finalizing your presentation content. In the course of this content update, you can create your product catalog directly with our software without significant additional effort and benefit from it in the long term.

Creation of a product catalog with presono

Would you like to take your digital product presentation to a new level?

Contact us without any obligation and we will show you how you can implement our online product presentation software quickly and efficiently.

and discover the world of digital product presentation.

How to turn your presentation into an interactive online product catalog

Listing your products in a boring and rigid way on your website is no longer enough. With presono, you get the opportunity to create an interactive product catalogs:

  • Links, overviews and menus can be easily added to your presentation, allowing you to generate the look and feel of an app or website for your product catalog.
  • You can integrate a wide range of multimedia content such as images, videos, 3D models or PDF documents just as quickly and easily, creating a comprehensive understanding of the product for your customers.
  • Your entire team always has access to the latest version of your digital product presentation, as it is managed centrally.
  • You can also access the catalog offline almost in its entirety with just a few restrictions. This means everything is at your fingertips, even during direct customer meetings, and you can present your impressive product catalog.
  • Thanks to our onboarding service you will quickly become a true master of the software. Thanks to presono, you'll soon be creating a product catalog on a whole new level!
Interactive product catalog in use

It's not just product catalogs you can create with ease using our software

presono offers you the opportunity to create much more than just product catalogs. For example, the software is also suitable for daily use at customer sites as a sales app. And at trade fairs, trainings and virtual events, presono can also be used to create convincing presentations.

Trade fair stand where presono is in use