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Boost your sales success with a sales app in presono - seamless presentations, centralized content management and in-depth analytics for maximum sales efficiency.

and find out how simple effective sales presentations can be.

More than 1,000 customers already rely on our innovative presentation software for their sales.

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Experience presentations as sales apps in action

Mobility and flexibility

Our app enables sales teams to access important content and deliver impressive presentations anytime, anywhere.

Central content management

Update and manage your sales content centrally to ensure your team is always working with the latest information and materials.

Interactive presentation functions

Use interactive features and visual tools to present your products and services in an impressive way that will inspire potential customers.

Detailed sales analyses

Gain deep insights into user behavior and the effectiveness of your sales presentations for data-driven decisions and optimization.

International success stories of our software for sales presentations

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"We were looking for a tool that works on a wide variety of end devices, offline and in multiple languages."

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Frequently asked questions about our software for sales apps

presono offers exclusive insights into the internal and external use of your sales app, e.g. which products are frequently shown. This enables targeted optimization of content and product management. Simple operation and central management of all information guarantee efficient updates and compliance with branding. presono is your all-in-one solution for showcasing content perfectly.

The efficiency of your team is increased above all by the central administration and thus always up-to-date content. Everyone can use the same sales app and respond flexibly to conversation partners. Language and translation options allow for easy switching. Our software provides exclusive insights into internal and external usage, so you can make targeted optimizations based on frequently shown products.

With presono, you can present online and offline anytime and anywhere. There are native apps for all common devices (tablets, monitors, touchscreens and many more), for the Windows, Mac (MacOS), Android and iOS operating systems.

The use of our software to create sales apps is characterized by the fact that it is just as intuitive and easy to use as comparable products from Microsoft or Adobe. Thanks to standardized and versatile templates, getting started with your sales app is made even easier and, based on the experience we have gained over the last 10 years, we are also happy to support you with recommendations for different user roles or specific skills of individual people.

The duration depends on your individual requirements and goals. Some companies have implemented their presentation as sales app in presono within a few weeks, while larger, international projects with more users and languages require more time. In general, presono can be implemented in just a few weeks. However, we are happy to offer individual advice and support, create project plans and offer various training models and materials tailored to your needs.

The central administration and reusability of all documents in your sales app are topics which, based on experience, can significantly reduce the effort required for maintenance and adaptation. And the central settings for branding, combined with detailed permission assignment, also significantly simplify and optimize daily user interaction.

Just like an app for sales: interactive experiences from presono

Today, a rigid, linear presentation doesn't work in the business world anymore - you need a dynamic, interactive experience. With our presentation technology, you get the opportunity to create impressive, engaging presentations that boost your sales. This is because our interactive solutions act as sales enablement as they are built like an app for sales:

  • Present your customers with the content they want in a brilliantly realized presentation.
  • Navigate through the presentation just like on a website or in an app: with just a few clicks, you can respond to all your customers' questions and concerns with the help of menus, links and interactive overviews.

Your sales team benefits from the ease of use and at the same time has all the flexibility and functions as on a website or in an app.

Sales app in conversation

Would you like to take the efficiency of your sales presentations to a new level?

Contact us without obligation and we will show you how you can use our software to create your very own sales app quickly and efficiently.

and find out how simple effective sales presentations can be.

Rely on our technology & concentrate on the important things

With our software, you can create presentations that appeal directly to customers via a wonderful look, an attractive structure and interactive elements. Our form of sales enablement simply works - we make sure of that! We keep our technology simple so that you can concentrate on the important things. Thanks to centralized management in the software, we also guarantee that all employees are working directly in the latest presentation version at all times.

In addition, it is very easy to change the language of your presentation and you can also present all content offline and bring it to life for your customers.

Creation of a sales app

Your presentation as an app for sales, trade fairs or as a product catalog

Our presentations are also ideal for captivating at trade fairs with creative, interactive elements at the company booth. In addition, you can use the software to create a product catalog that additionally supports your sales team as a sales enablement tool.

presono's presentation software is intuitive and intuitive, which is why you will be designing first-class projects for a wide variety of applications in no time at all.

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