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Sales app

Sales app redefined: Your presentation as an interactive sales platform. Experience presentations that feel like an intuitive sales app.

Interactive presentations as your sales advantage

In today's digital era, rigid, linear presentations are no longer enough. Customers expect dynamic, interactive experiences. With presono, you transform your presentations into lively, app-like experiences. Imagine a presentation that can be navigated like a website or app, with menus, links and interactive overviews. In this way, companies such as KUKA, Haidlmair, Segafredo, Kabelplus or the HENN Connector Group enable their sales team to react flexibly to customer requests and to adapt the course of the presentation individually to the respective conversation.

Centralized content management: Always up-to-date, always impressive

A central problem of many sales teams is the constant updating and distribution of presentation content. With presono, this problem is a thing of the past. Content is managed and updated centrally, so everyone in the team always has access to the latest version. This means less preparation time and more confidence in customer meetings. And after the call? Simply share a link to the presentation that includes all inserted content, media, and links. That way, your client experiences the presentation exactly as it was presented, without excessive amounts of data or format issues.

Multilingual presentations: Communicate without borders

Globalization does not stop at sales. With presono you can create and maintain your presentations in different languages. You don't have to manage multiple versions for different languages. Simply translate the individual slides or media, and the entire presentation will be adapted accordingly. Whether you operate internationally or want to take regional dialects into account, with presono you speak the language of your customers.

We would be happy to explain more details, possibilities and resulting benefits of our platform to you. Contact us for more information or schedule a free demo to see how our platform can help you easily present sales content in different use cases, increase marketing productivity, stand out from the competition and increase your revenue.