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More than 10,000 users already rely on our innovative software solution for standard presentations.

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Comprehensive feature set

Our software offers comprehensive functions that meet all presentation requirements. From translations to interactive media elements and external sharing - all in one solution.

Integrated platform solution

Our platform covers the entire process from creation, presentation and maintenance through to analysis and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and structures.

Time-saving content management

Centralized and easy updating of content helps you save time and resources, allowing you to always present up-to-date and relevant information.

In-depth analysis

Detailed insights into user behavior and content performance to optimize your sales and marketing activities.

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"We were looking for a tool that works on a wide variety of end devices, offline and in multiple languages."

Susanne Reif-Peterlik Head of Marketing CEE Segafredo Zanetti Austria

Frequently asked questions about our presentation software

Our presentation software enables a quick start through centralized and once-only management of branding, content and media as well as ready-made templates. Repetitive content only needs to be updated or translated once in the software. In addition, presono offers analytics and thus exclusive insights into the use of the presentations, both internally and externally, which enables targeted optimizations.

Presono offers a platform for centralized management of documents and information, ensures branding compliance and enables offline presentations on all common devices. Content from different presentations can be easily reused and shared externally. In addition, our presentation software offers analytics. In short, presono is your all-in-one solution that replaces many individual solutions.

The central administration and reusability of all documents as well as branding are topics that experience has shown can significantly reduce the effort required for maintenance and adaptation. Combined with a detailed assignment of permissions, daily user interaction is also significantly simplified and optimized. As a result, every user receives a customized result and can easily find their way around the presentation software.

The use of our software is characterized by the fact that it is just as intuitive and easy to use as comparable products from Microsoft or Adobe. Thanks to standardized and versatile templates, getting started is made even easier and, based on the experience we have gained over the last 10 years, we are also happy to support you with recommendations for different user roles or specific skills of individual people.

The duration depends on your individual requirements and goals. Some companies have transferred their standard presentations to presono within a few weeks, while larger, international projects with more users and languages require more time. In general, presono can be introduced in just a few weeks. However, we are also happy to offer individual advice and support, create project plans and offer various training models and materials that are precisely tailored to your needs.

With presono, you can present online and offline anytime and anywhere. There are native apps for all common devices (tablets, monitors, touchscreens and many more), for the Windows, Mac (MacOS), Android and iOS operating systems.

Convince your audience thanks to our presentation software

Boring standard slides are simply not enough anymore for presentations. With our software, you can create presentations in no time at all that will impress with their flexibility and professional design:

  • Use our software to design interactive and consistent presentations with buttons, menus, surveys and more.
  • Regardless of the end device, whether online or offline - you can react flexibly to any individual discussion situation in your presentation.
  • All content is managed centrally in presono, which means that everyone in the company is always working with the latest version.

With presono as your strategic partner, you can ensure a highly professional corporate and brand image in all sectors. Whether in the automotive industry, construction, IT or the public sector, presono helps you to achieve your marketing and sales goals in the long term.

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Our presentation program as a key driver for innovation & digitalization

In our modern age, sustainable innovation in conjunction with ever advancing digitalization is central to every company. The presono presentation tool also enables innovation, communication or marketing departments to present their revolutionary ideas adequately. At the same time, its easy handling ensures that you can work efficiently in your company's digital creation processes.

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With our interactive presentation software you will not only impress customers

Our interactive presentation program is not only designed to serve customers as an audience. Thanks to presono, you can stand out from the crowd and convince potential new employees of your company: Distribute HR presentations as share links, for example via QR codes at trade fairs. Respond quickly to applicants' questions thanks to interactive design. Interested parties can click through the open positions individually and you can analyze their use later.

Whether you want to shine in front of colleagues, customers or applicants - thanks to presono you are guaranteed to succeed.

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