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More than 10,000 users already rely on our innovative software solution for trade fairs and product presentations.

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presentation software for trade fairs in action

All-in-one solution for presentations

Covers all presentation needs, reduces the need for different tools and thus increases efficiency at trade fairs.

Efficient and seamless experiences

Provides end-to-end support from creation to analysis, enabling a targeted and seamless product presentation at trade fairs.

Time-saving content management

Enables quick updates and adjustments to content, essential for the dynamic trade fair environment.

Data-driven optimization of strategy

Provides precise insights into user behavior, supports targeted improvements and maximizes the impact of your presentation at trade fairs.

International success stories of digital trade fair appearances

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"We were looking for a tool that works on a wide variety of end devices, offline and in multiple languages."

Susanne Reif-Peterlik Head of Marketing CEE Segafredo Zanetti Austria

Frequently asked questions about our trade fair software

The duration is of course dependent on the respective scope of use or the exact goals and requirements for the software for trade fairs. The period can vary from one day to a few weeks. However, we offer standardized trade fair template sets, for example, which can be easily adapted to your own branding at minimal effort. Therefore, you can get started very quickly, but an individual project can also be set up, depending entirely on the exact requirements and target definitions.

The content can be updated and added to the trade fair presentation within a few minutes and can therefore be reused almost immediately at other events. Specific content for the next trade fair can be created in parallel and then linked to the trade fair app within a few minutes. The software itself is also very quickly set up and can be effortlessly adapted for new use cases at any time.

The presono application is characterized by the fact that it is just as intuitive and easy to use as comparable products from Microsoft or Adobe. This ensures that even your first trade fair presentation or trade fair app will be a real eye-catcher. Standardized and versatile templates make it even easier to get started.

The versatile selection of templates and intuitive operation of the tool ensures an easy start. Instead of technically complex and non self-maintainable individual solutions for each trade fair, you can adapt and update the content in presono independently and very easily. The WYSIWYG editor enables a visually appealing and easy-to-implement visualization of your trade fair presentation.

With presono, you can present online and offline anytime and anywhere. We offer native apps for all common devices (tablets, monitors, touchscreens and many more), for Windows, Mac (MacOS), Android and iOS operating systems. These apps are supported by our practical kiosk mode, which offers functionalities such as autoplay (slideshow), an automatic reset in case of inactivity or a PIN code. So, whether autoplay on the monitor or an interactive app on the touchscreen for the full interactive experience - with presono, all devices can be easily used to play your trade fair presentation!

Yes, of course - thanks to presono's internal analytics module, it is possible to analyze exactly which presentation content was shown how often and for how long at the trade fair. This allows precise insights to be gained about which areas were particularly interesting, which were less interesting, and any possible improvement potential can be identified.

Both a complete trade fair app or interactive presentation as well as parts of it can be shared via an external link and thus "given" to trade fair visitors or made available in the follow-up of the trade fair. With the associated analytics module, the use of this externally shared trade fair presentation can also be further analyzed in order to find out all the details about the interest and use of leads, customers and partners.

Are you in the middle of preparing for a trade fair?

Then now is the ideal time to take a closer look at presono - after all, you are currently finalizing your presentation content. In the course of this content update, you can create your product presentation for the trade fair directly in presono without any significant additional effort and benefit from it in the long term.

Employee prepares a trade fair

Would you like to take the impact of your presentations at trade fairs to a new level?

Contact us without any obligation and we will show you how you can implement our software quickly and efficiently.

and find out how easy impressive trade fair presentations can be.

This is how easy it is to design your digital trade fair presence

presono offers you a variety of design options to ensure that every presentation is unique: - Customizable templates provide you with a solid foundation for your presentation. Similar to Adobe InDesign, these templates work with layers, giving you a high degree of freedom when editing and editing your content. - Whether images, videos, PDF files or entire media galleries - you can easily integrate multimedia files into your presentation with just a few clicks. - With presono, you will also enjoy numerous advantages when managing your projects. Consistent branding is made easy, content can be made available in multiple languages and notifications and feedback for efficient collaboration are created automatically. - Thanks to our software, content can be adapted or shared in real time during presentations at trade fairs. Extensive Analytics on how your content is used is also available.

Creation of a trade fair presentation with presono

Create interactive product presentations for your next trade fair

With presono's software, your booth at the trade fair will not only be a visual eye-catcher! With our platform, you can design interactive elements such as buttons, menus or surveys to keep visitors at your stand glued to your screens. It doesn't matter which device you choose, your interactive presentation will be a success on tablets, touchscreens and monitors alike. And since no internet connection is required to present your content, our software software gives you maximum flexibility at trade fairs.

Trade fair stand where presono is in use

With presono you will perform highly professionally and convincingly on more occasions than just your trade fairs

As product presentations are not only used at trade fairs, our software is ideally suited for many other presentation situations. The use cases range from trainings and conferences to virtual events - across all industries. And thanks to our onboarding process, you will be a master of presono's presentation technology in no time.

Training with presono