Central data management


Who does not know it. You have to give a presentation and start searching for the latest version. Is the version of the company or product presentation that is in the folder provided the current one? After all, it is called Unternehmenspräsi_FINAL. However, in the same folder there is one called Company_FINAL_NEW. I'd better call Marketing or the Communications Department.

This inefficiency has an end. presono ensures that slides and presentations are ALWAYS up to date - both online and offline!

No more annoying searching for presentations with outdated content. Highly unprofessional presentation of wrong, outdated content, as well as the internal confusion and hours of updating slides are finally over. In addition, the smart software solution also offers the possibility to manage master slides centrally. The compliance with the CI is thus guaranteed and can no longer be circumvented. The replacement of a new logo or the changeover to a new font throughout the entire company can be carried out with just one mouse click.

Duplicates, inconsistent appearance of the company as well as outdated slides and presentations have finally come to an end - presono offers the solution.