Present better with translations


At the last minute a participant from a foreign branch announces his arrival and you have the carefully prepared presentation only in German? Oops, that does not leave a good impression. Even if the spontaneous newcomer does not expect a translation. After all, you should always be prepared for all eventualities.

So wouldn't it be fabulous if you could surprise your foreign customers and partners with an optimally translated presentation despite a last-minute visit? This is exactly the reason why presono has taken on the topic of translations and developed a sophisticated language feature. Because if you want to present in a highly professional way, you should always have an ace up your sleeve!

No matter how many languages you translate your presentation into, with presono you always have all versions available in one place.

PROBLEM: More languages create more obstacles

Translations are not only costly, but also cause double the maintenance effort with conventional presentation tools. Finally, the presentation has to be recreated in a new language and filled with the appropriate content. Should the content change at a later date (e.g. company figures), all versions must always be updated separately. This costs time and money!

solution: This is how presono simplifies translations

presono offers the possibility to translate presentations directly in the tool. The new translation is directly linked to the original slide. A simple change of language during a presentation is therefore possible with a mouse click! Of course, other, country-specific images and videos can also be integrated into the translation slide. If you change the language, pictures and videos change automatically. In addition, a default language can be selected and filtered in the search system, for example, for English slides.

Your advantages

By linking the original slide with the translation, you always have all language versions with you and can access them immediately! Thus, you are always well prepared for a professional appearance and can score points with flexibility and spontaneity with customers and partners.

HERE you will find even more information for better presentations!