Better management with presono Part 3 Strictly confidential


Encryption programs, firewalls, access codes - with the increasing use of computers, Internet & Co the protection of confidential data becomes more and more important. This does not only apply to securely stored server data. Also in presentations it is becoming more and more common that internal company information is presented, which may not leave the company in written form but under no circumstances. And this is exactly what we at presono have taken to heart!

PROBLEM: Confidential slides must be laboriously removed from presentations

Imagine yourself holding a company presentation including all the exciting facts and figures. However, these are only intended for the eyes and ears of your audience at that moment! But what do you do if after your presentation someone suddenly asks for your presentation to be sent?

Then you need to remove all confidential data from the presentation as quickly as possible and save it again. This not only costs time, but also a lot of nerves and generates a new saved version of your presentation. (You remember the problem with the data chaos!?)

Presentations often contain strictly confidential data. With presono you can make sure with just one mouse click that these do not leave your company!

Solution: With presono slides can be marked as confidential

We would like to spare you all this effort! With presono you can mark individual slides as "confidential" with just one mouse click. This guarantees that this slide never leaves your company! After a presentation, you can easily forward it directly by e-mail (as a pdf or link) - all slides marked as confidential are automatically removed from the presentation!

Your advantages:

With presono you can sit back and relax when it comes to confidential slides. Because once marked, they will never leave your company. Mistakes due to stress or nervousness after a presentation can be easily avoided.

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