A strong brand requires a strong presentation: presono supports T-Mobile and UPC with the launch of Magenta


It is currently one of the largest corporate mergers in Austria: T-Mobile Austria and UPC merge and become Magenta. To mark this occasion, 4,000 selected customers, partners and employees were invited to a major event on May 6, 2019.

Well-known guests such as the German Chancellor eagerly awaited the unveiling of the long-kept secret of the corporate merger. In order to prepare the employees for the new products, the brand and the services in the long term, presono developed an interactive presentation, which was sent to all employees after the event.

Together into the digital future

Since August 1, 2018, the Internet and TV provider UPC has been part of T-Mobile. With the merger, the two brands combine their strengths - and reappear together under the new name "Magenta". The merger of the two groups is intended to shape a digital future that goes beyond T-Mobile's pure mobile communications offering. In the future, T-Mobile's offering will be expanded to include fixed-network, Internet, TV and convergent products, such as those already offered with MagentaEins in many other countries. With such a broad-based service, even the name T-Mobile, which is limited to mobile communications, no longer fits the bill. This means: New products, new offers and a completely new name - that's a lot of changes at once!

The secret "Magenta" is revealed

This redesign brings numerous advantages - especially for the customers of the telecommunications group. But like any major change, it is fraught with many questions and uncertainties. Only one thing helps: communication! The goal of the event on May 6th was therefore to inform about all relevant background information, to answer open questions and to give a comprehensive insight into the future working day at Magenta. Until then, most information regarding the merger had been kept under wraps. Probably the greatest need for communication was therefore with those who are largely responsible for the success of the company: all employees of UPC and T-Mobile.

A special presentation for a special occasion

Magenta was initially faced with a major challenge: over 1000 employees had to be addressed, informed and ultimately convinced of the new concept. Against this background, it quickly became clear that the presentation had to be something very special for the employees. This was the starting signal for what presono does best: To create a novel and smart presentation that picks up and inspires the audience with multimedia and interactive aspects.

For this unique communication challenge presono was able to offer numerous advantages:

  • New brand - new and individual design possibilities. Besides providing the software, the team around presono was responsible for the creation of the presentation design. With presono's various design possibilities, a presentation could be created that perfectly fits the modern design and the new brand Magenta.
  • Presono's presentations live from large-format images, videos and multimedia effects. Moving images transport emotions - and that's exactly what the presentation of magenta was all about.
  • Time management is always a big challenge at big events. Our web-based presentation technology creates the possibility to manage time individually.
  • What is the name of the new brand? What is the next step? What new services will there be? As individual as the questions and wishes of the audience are, so complex are the presentation possibilities of presono. Depending on which topics are in demand by the audience, the presenter can decide for himself which contents are to be deepened further.
  • The next day, the presentation was sent out to all employees - simply and easily as a link instead of a huge amount of data in an attachment. All that is needed to open the content is an Internet browser - our web-based software makes this possible.
  • Thanks to presono's intuitive application, both companies and the presenter were able to quickly familiarise themselves with the contents.

magentafeier Kopie

ltr: Maria Zesch (CCO Magenta Telekom), Lukas Keller (CEO presono), Andreas Bierwirth (CEO Magenta Telekom), 
Martin Behrens (COO presono), Petra Königstorfer (Digital Designer presono)

Presenting a new brand is a task that involves numerous challenges. With interactive design possibilities and uncomplicated application, presono created a presentation that revealed the secret around the new brand and furthermore created a sustainable information base. This was well received - both the client and the most important target group of the presentation - the employees of Magenta  were enthusiastic about the presentation.

Group picture: © Magenta