Software Developer Andreas Kasch: "I make the boldest feature-requests possible."


Behind presono there is a team of 20 people who contribute their diverse talents in different areas. Development, design, marketing, project management and sales meet each other. One of the people who make presono come alive is Andreas Kasch, Scrum Master in Software Development. 

As an interface between the development team and the rest of the company, Andreas contributes to turning ideas into reality. Thus Andreas is a mediator and coach in one and, if possible, he also participates as a team member in the optimization of the software.

As Scrum Master Andreas gets projects rolling and provides an agile process to improve presono and to advance the world of presentation with new features. What he appreciates in a good presentation and how he prepares himself best, Andreas reveals in an interview.

In which area at presono do you work?

My workplace is in software development.

Since when do you work at presono?

I have been working here since October 2016, but I have known about the presono idea since 2014.

What is your role in the team today? And what do you do all day long?

As Scrum Master I am significantly involved in the coordination of the development team, but - contrary to the definition - I am still part of the development team. As a full-stack developer I make the boldest feature requests possible.

Andreas_KaschHow do you explain this to your mom?

Since she is technically very affine, I don't need to explain much. On the contrary, if I encounter complex mathematical problems during development, I can count on her to help me out.

What makes a good presentation in your eyes?

A presentation should be visually appealing. The viewers should not be bored with long texts, which are read monotonously by the presenter. The flexibility of the presenter to respond spontaneously to questions from the audience and to show suitable presentation slides is the highest art.

What do you like about presenting? What do you find the hardest about it?

I like it when the audience listens intently and understands the content of the presentation. I prefer a smaller audience, because it is easier to respond to individual persons.

The hardest thing is to present topics that you are not familiar with yourself. Good preparation is therefore the most important thing, otherwise even the smallest question will throw you off track.

What do you prefer to talk about?

I used to work as a tutor and gladly presented topics of computer science. I was always very happy to answer the questions of the students. Meanwhile I present only rarely. Apart from presentations, my favorite topics are off-roading with off-road vehicles, computer and parlor games and archery.

How do you prepare for an important presentation?

I familiarize myself thoroughly with the topic. I don't just look at the actual presentation, but pay attention to the big picture so that I can respond well to questions.

What is more important - Preparation or Improvisation Talent?

I think that both are very important and must work together. Because without good preparation, it is difficult to improvise, for example to answer questions from the audience.

Tips against stage fright ?

I always had stage fright only when I was badly prepared. With a good preparation there is no reason to be nervous.

A sentence you say to yourself before you speak in front of people:

These are also just people.

What do you like better?

Sleep long or Get up early ?

Why not both? When I have a good night's sleep, I have the most energy in the morning and get a lot of work done before most of my colleagues come into the office.

Cross-fit or Yoga?

Neither of these is for me. When I do sports, I want to be outdoors and move around a lot.

Sweet or Salty?

Both gladly, in moderation.

Talk or Listen?

Listening - except for topics I am well versed in, I like to express my opinion.


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