Industry 4.0 & presono: A strong connection with many advantages for industrial customers


Professional product introductions, sales talks and trade fair appearances - in hardly any other area are presentations as topical and important as in the industry. So it is only natural that presono focuses on the industrial sector. 

But the connection between industry and presono goes even deeper, because in fact presono has been linked to industrial companies since day one.

How it all began

The industrial sector is constantly confronted with complex challenges in the field of presentation methods. However, classic presentation tools such as PowerPoint can hardly meet these special requirements. A lack of flexibility as well as a lack of possibilities to present complex processes interactively or to integrate multimedia possibilities, such as three-dimensional objects, are only a few examples of the need for optimization. In intensive exchange with  customers from the industry, presono's founders have worked on a completely revolutionary presentation solution - the birth of presono. Thus, the company is not only historically linked to the industrial sector, but also offers possibilities that have been developed together with the industry and are therefore optimally tailored to industrial companies.

industry and presono - that fits!

New technologies, digital solutions, IoT, improved processes and Industry 4.0 - industrial companies are characterized above all by their pioneering role in technical development and digitization. With its digital way of thinking, presono is on the same wavelength as the needs and challenges of industrial companies. Thus, presono offers significant advantages for industrial clients in the following areas:

1) Guaranteed corporate design independent of person, place and time

Company presentations are the business card of the company. But in practice, it is not uncommon for ready-made presentation templates to be individually modified. According to a GfK study, the result is that over 70% of PowerPoint presentations are not CI-compliant. A challenge which the industrial company Greiner Packaging has taken up with presono. Due to different, complex product portfolios, Greiner Packaging needs a presentation method with various possibilities of individualisation, while at the same time a uniform design is required across departments. The included rights management by presono could offer a comprehensive solution. The function allows to define and restrict editing permissions in advance. Individual adaptations of presentations always remain in accordance with the corporate design, because the correct font, images or formatting are already stored.

2) Data and contents always up-to-date

It is not wrong to use a presentation for different lectures over and over again. But especially in the industrial sector, the topicality of the details is enormously important. Figures must be corrected and product photos exchanged. In reality, however, these steps often fall by the wayside, with the result that presentations are shown that do not reflect the current status. At presono, all data is centrally stored and changes are directly controlled via the content management. This means: If the original content is changed, this is automatically done in all presentations where this content is used. Thus, facts and figures always remain up-to-date and changes do not have to be entered manually. With the combination of visually innovative presentations and this central management of all data, presono was able to convince Greiner Packaging International GmbH, among others. Here, presono functions as a standard solution for the entire international distribution.

3) Always well prepared & flexible in sales

In the industrial sector, field service and sales talks are always the order of the day. Especially with complex topics and products, it is important to be able to answer questions of the audience during a presentation in a targeted and sometimes spontaneous way. Da presono also includes a content management system, everyone can always access centrally updated content. This can be done online via the browser or offline using the presono App. which is included in the delivery. This greatly reduces the preparation for meetings, as all necessary content is only a mouse click away.

4) Unique, multimendial & interactive presentations at trade fairs

Professional trade fair appearances are one of the most important communication channels, especially for industrial customers. Between a multitude of competing companies and interesting content, it is important to stand out at the trade fair. A trade fair appearance is a unique opportunity to skilfully present the company and its products and to attract the attention of the public. KUKA, the world's leading supplier of robotics, plant and systems technology, has commissioned an expensive, specially developed application for this purpose every year and had it updated by external service providers during the year. presono is the standard tool here, replacing the annual creation of applications as well as the services required for updating. By using presono, the necessary structure can be put together from the central pool of content, depending on the topic and trade fair focus, and updates can be entered by the user himself. In this way, costs and workload can be saved annually. In addition, presono presentations stand out due to their modernity, interactivity and multi-media.

Another challenge at trade fairs is the presentation of products that are particularly complex and in need of explanation. This also includes HAIDLMAIR injection moulding tools. How HAIDLMAIR benefits from our almost infinite possibilities, you can find out here. For example, we facilitate product presentation with great visual possibilities. Using 3D-rendered product presentations, speakers can clearly explain even hard-to-explain products to their audience at trade fairs or in sales.

Both professional branding, unique trade show appearances or perfect preparation - the need for complex and digital presentation methods in the industry is great. presono recognized these challenges early on and developed a comprehensive solution together with partners from the industry. This commitment combined with its web-based, interactive and multimedia presentation techniques make presono the ideal partner for customers from industry.


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