"Unlimited possibilities": This is how presono convinced the HAIDLMAIR company


Both at trade fairs or in sales - HAIDLMAIR is always confronted with challenges in the field of presentations. presono is specialized in industrial customers and was able to support the tooling manufacturer with its presentation solution.

An intelligent solution for every challenge

HAIDLMAIR has been successfully active in toolmaking since 1979. What began back then in a small forging store has now developed into one of the leading technology companies for high-performance injection moulding tools. And as the company has grown, so have the challenges in the field of presentation. Thus HAIDLMAIR was confronted with the following problems regarding presentations:

Difficulties in explaining complex products

  • Injection moulding tool making is a complex subject. At trade fairs and in sales, it has been very difficult to explain it adequately due to previous strong technical limitations. 
  • In addition, internal graphic services and creation efforts are preferred here.

Limited practical and graphic possibilities

  • The data in the presentations always had to be updated by hand, so small errors quickly became apparent. 
  • The usual presentation tools could not deliver sufficiently convincing presentations at trade fairs and in sales. 
  • Sales, fairs and Co. presentations are constantly needed at HAIDLMAIR. But until now, there was no uniform solution for all areas.

In search of a presentation solution that meets these special requirements, presono was able to convince: "We have chosen presono because we see a very big potential in it. The possibilities are almost unlimited and the easy (and centrally manageable) handling convinced us", says Mag. Peter Peschl, Head of HAIDLMAIR Corporate Communications.

With the focus on industrial customers, presono is the ideal partner for industrial companies looking for improved communication tools. This is also evident at HAIDLMAIR. presono supports the technology company with the following smart solutions.

Graphic solutions for the explanation of complex products

One of the biggest problems for HAIDLMAIR in the area of presentations was that the products were often difficult to explain and therefore the challenge to present them correctly in  presentations. presono solves this problem with an additional graphics performance, which makes it possible to integrate a 3D rendered product presentation. This feature allows the product to be presented in-depth and true to the original in an easy to use way. This allows presenters to respond specifically to questions from the audience and also to explain technical details in a clear manner. 

If the old procedure consisted of individual application development for trade fairs as well as additional services necessary to create and update content, presono replaces this with a simple standard solution in an original way.

Increase of the presentation quality

Furthermore the benefit of presono for HAIDLMAIR is the dynamic functionality of the tool. Like the World Wide Web presono offers an infinite variety of interactive and multimedia methods. Due to these diverse design possibilities, presentations can be designed in such a way that certain contents can be deepened or illustrated in a multimedia way. This allows a flexibility that not only benefits the visual design but also increases the quality of the entire presentation. Because customer questions and topics concerning HAIDLMAIR's technology and products can be addressed as required. "We expect a considerable increase in the quality of our presentations, especially in sales and in some other areas of our company," says Mag. Peter Peschl.

Ease of work processes

Besides the flexibility of the tool, presono also convinces the industrial company with the guaranteed up-to-dateness of the data. Because at presono all data is centrally stored and changes are directly controlled by the content management. Thus, figures, data and facts are always up-to-date and changes do not have to be entered manually. 

An additional benefit, with which presono can support HAIDLMAIR, is the possibility to use the same contents, which were used for example in a presentation in the sales department, also for trade fairs and other presentation situations due to the various design possibilities and the central content management system. In this way, the company can benefit from time and work savings. 


Complex products, the need for modern presentation possibilities and uniform solutions for sales and trade fairs - the demands on communication solutions for HAIDLMAIR are not an isolated case. You will learn more about the use and solutions of presono for different industrial customers in the next articles on our blog.


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