Digital Designer Katharina Kremeier: "Every day we enable the unimaginable"


Even more important than the spoken word is the visual language of a presentation. Because whether your speech will stick with the audience depends on the design of the slides. Katharina Kremeier, digital designer at presono, will take care of your professional appearance.

Digital designer Katharina knows how to get the best out of the software and out of every single presentation. She is also happy to pass this knowledge on to clients and colleagues in training sessions. She sees herself and the Digital Design Team as the biggest users of presono - because nobody tinkers as much with the design of presentations as the designers themselves.

In Catherine's job at the tech start-up company presono, creativity and technology come together. This is not the only reason why Katharina is so enthusiastic about her work. Everything about what makes her job so interesting and why one should always keep a presentation in party mood, she tells in an interview.

In which area at presono do you work?

I work in Digital Design.

Since when do you work at presono?

I joined the team on August 1, 2017.

What is your role in the team today? And what do you do all day long?

As part of the design team I provide creative input. I design presentations for our clients and find exciting ways to implement them in presono. I am also responsible for knowledge transfer in terms of in-tool training and support the maintenance of the knowledge database. During my work I am also involved in the continuous evaluation of presono in order to improve the tool even further. By the way, our motto is: "Our job, the job of the digital team, is to make the unimaginable possible every day with presono."

What do you particularly like about your work/task?

I can be as I am and give my creativity free rein. Not only internally, but also from our customers we receive full confidence in the realization of presentations. This is also the reason why most presono presentations are so successful. It is also the combination of design and web technology that makes my job so interesting.

How do you explain this to your mom?

I tell her: Think of most of the presentations you know. They are almost all pretty boring, aren't they? My job is to make these presentations so beautiful and fancy that the audience will still be talking about them three weeks later. So that you can do that in the future, I make sure that our tool can be learned and used without much effort. And should you really have to give a presentation, I will of course be happy to help you with the design.

Katharina Kremeier

What makes a good presentation in your eyes?

The speaker! No matter how beautiful and professional the appearance of a presentation may be - without a self-confident and positive appearance the overall impression is bad. We at presono lay the foundation for future presentations in a company. So it is up to the customers to turn the interactive and stylishly animated presentation into an unforgettable appearance.

What do you particularly like about presenting? What do you find the hardest about it?

On the one hand I like to get the chance to convince people by presenting something. On the other hand, this is exactly the challenge to achieve this in a certain time. Presentations should move people and thus remain in their memories. Who doesn't like to leave a lasting impression?

What do you prefer to talk about?

successes, experiences and the reflection of projects.

How do you prepare for an important presentation?

I create the perfect plan, which includes both content and my personality. What image do I want to convey? With which feeling should the listeners leave the room? What is important to me? Furthermore, it is a must to know exactly what the contents are. There is nothing more embarrassing than to fail at a subsequent panel discussion.

What is more important - preparation or improvisation talent?

Improvisation talent. A presentation is dependent on many factors and unfortunately, however, again and again also on things that you cannot influence. The audience, the technical conditions, the internet connection and so on. Therefore it is great to have a few jokes ready in case of small interruptions.

tips against stage fright ?

I adjust to the mood and motivate myself. If there is the possibility, I jump back and forth for a short time and shake off all the tension. In the end it must feel like going to a party: Having fun and rocking the stage. If you're unsure, it often helps to imagine yourself getting on a stage and slipping into the role of a "ramp sow"  

A sentence you say to yourself before you speak in front of people:

"Knock 'em dead!"

What do you like better?

Sleep late or get up early ?

Get up early and take a midday nap

Cross-Fit or Yoga?


Sweet or Salty ?


Talk or Listen?


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