Digital Designer Petra Wierstorff: Presentation Design underlines the message


Visual impressions make up 80% of our memories. One person who therefore deals with creative tricks on a daily basis - for customers as well as for in-house content - is Petra Wierstorff, digital designer at presono.

Among other things, it ensures that presono shines across all conceivable media types - and in a uniform appearance. Petra finds creative ways to use presono's corporate design, starting with flyers, social media and presentations.

In their eyes, the red thread is not for nothing an important point for a successful presentation. Petra reveals more about her diverse range of tasks and how she realizes what seems impossible in her profile.

In which area at presono do you work?

I work in the field of digital design.

Since when do you work at presono?

Since September 2017.

What is your role in the team today? And what do you do all day long?

As a digital designer at presono I take our customers' presentations to a new level. Thereby I am always looking for new possibilities to create exciting and inspiring designs. On the hunt for Likes I contribute to presono's social media presence with ideas and postings and ensure a coordinated appearance to the outside world through my tasks around presono's corporate design. As a direct contact person for design issues, I support our clients in word and deed and am very proud to work with such exciting clients at presono.

What do you particularly like about your work/task?

I can develop freely in my work and enjoy the fullest confidence internally and also from our customers in the implementation of their wishes. As part of an incredibly great team, I can always count on support and help to constantly improve our tool with my feedback and input.
In every project I face the challenge of making the seemingly impossible possible with CSS animations and giving my designs that certain something. I find the combination of design and technical implementation incredibly exciting.

How do you explain that to your mom?

I not only give company presentations a beautiful appearance, but also ensure that they are coherent within themselves.


What makes a good presentation in your eyes?

The slides of a presentation should not be too full and should only contain the most important information. A consistent concept or the red thread should be absolutely visible. And of course, the appearance of the speaker contributes enormously to the overall impression.

What do you particularly like about presenting? What do you find the hardest about it?

I like the challenge to convince the audience of me and my content and the chance to leave a lasting impression. The biggest challenge for me is to speak loud enough.

What do you like to talk about most?

I prefer to talk about concept presentations or about already realized works. I also like the reflection of projects.

How do you prepare for an important presentation?

I adjust to what I want to say and convey with my presentation and rehearse the entire presentation once for myself alone.

What is more important - preparation or improvisation talent?

I would say that this balances the scales. There should be a concept and an agenda, but a too rigid schedule does not leave room for spontaneous action.

tips against stage fright ?

I know that as soon as I start to speak, my tension falls away. That's why I try to take a deep breath and believe in myself again before I speak.

A sentence you say to yourself before you speak in front of people:

Just be yourself.

What do you like better?

Sleep late or get up early ?

I don't really like to get up early, but even less do I like to waste the day.

Cross-Fit or Yoga?


Sweet or Salty ?

salty, but with sweet dessert

Talk or Listen?


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