How smart presentation works today


Interaction, collaboration, efficiency, flexibility and aesthetics - all important points between which one does not really want to choose when it comes to professional presentations. However, just under five years ago this was still necessary - until presono was founded in May 2015. A presentation software that for the first time combines impressive presentation, clever collaboration and easy administration in one intelligent platform. How this works, what the big advantages are and how you can directly enter the next generation of presentation, we will reveal now!

Whether you work in an international corporation or a medium-sized company, in a small team or as a freelancer, teach at (higher) education institutions or work as a student, individually or in groups - as soon as you present in a professional context, you not only want to impress visually, but also to convince on all other levels. The numerous challenges that arise from this are presono's speciality - because our tool impresses with a unique problem solving competence.

With presono you master every challenge

The most common problem that the company has to deal with virtually every day is the large number of stored versions of the same presentation. Finding the latest one here can turn into a gauntlet race. It is also not always clear who in the company may or should be authorized to edit which content. In addition, the adherence to corporate design or corporate identity as well as the language and translation management of all content is usually a great challenge. Conventional tools reach their limits here, since the focus is mainly on creation and design as well as the corresponding degrees of freedom, but not on the management and reuse of content.

Sales staff, freelancers and teaching staff usually face the problem of a lack of adaptability. In order to be able to respond flexibly to wishes and questions, this user group needs access to further, additional content at any time. With existing solutions, however, the processes are often rigid and inflexible. The post-processing as well as the dispatch of the presentation to the audience or the respective auditorium is often connected with great effort.

Presentations also play an increasingly important role in the education of pupils and students. However, a great deal of work and time is required to bring the content, which is usually worked out in groups, into an attractive and uniform (professional) form.

These are just a few of the many challenges and problems that we solve or improve with our tool. In doing so, we fulfill the great common desire of the different user groups to achieve an impressive presentation in a simple way. Even more: with presono we cover the whole life cycle of a presentation within a software from the creation, administration and maintenance to the execution of the presentation and its post-processing and evaluation.

The intelligent fusion of web technologies and presentations

In order to map the entire presentation process as efficiently and intelligently as possible in one software, we use the technically sophisticated web developments of recent years. This means that you are probably already familiar with many of the possibilities presono offers from CMS systems and websites and can therefore easily understand them.

Within presono you can manage all content that is relevant for your presentations - i.e. all images, videos, PDFs, templates and designs as well as all created slides and presentations. It is possible to exchange or work on content with colleagues, partners or friends. Presentations can be created both linearly and interactively with links. In order to be able to influence the course of the conversation or presentation interactively and dynamically, you have access to your central data pool at any time during the presentation. Depending on the selected feature set, it is also possible to easily post-edit presentations, send them as links or find out which content is used how often.

[Here]( you can test presono 60 days for free.

With presono always and everywhere present

In addition to a sophisticated range of functions, our tool offers the possibility to present on all standard devices such as laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone. We support all current versions of the most popular browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. If you do not use our native application, we recommend the use of Google Chrome.

For the current versions of the following popular operating systems there is a corresponding presono app: Windows, OSX, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android (Tablet and Smartphone). This app enables an easy online and offline use of presono.

So that you can convince with your presentation at any time, at any place!

If you want to dive even deeper into the next generation of presentation, you can register [HERE]( for our free training and webinars!