Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #1 Internal communication


With Achtung Achterbahn the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler have created a podcast for founders as well as people interested in startups and business. Now the two are expanding their podcast with special episodes, which are supposed to ease the lockdown life in home office & co. with helpful tips and tricks. This new series starts with a look at the topic of internal communication.

The topics digitalisation and internal communication are keeping companies in lockdown times more busy than ever. In order to make working together from the home office successful, the right tools are crucial – because they can help to eliminate existing challenges. In episode #1 of the new special podcast, presono’s founders Martin and Hannes analyse the challenges that are constantly being faced.

They reveal which tools they already use or have used and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Specifically, this topic focuses on e-mails, (video) chat tools (e.g.: Slack, grape, MS Teams, Zoom) and platforms for single or multilateral communication. An exclusive insight into the internal communication project of the telecommunication giant Magenta, which was realised with presono, included. A listen is worth it!

The practical thing about the podcast format: You can listen to it anytime and anywhere – whether you are on the road, in your home office, on a walk or doing other activities.

Here you can find the first episode of the Achtung Achterbahn Special:

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, on the web player and on all other common podcast portals. But if you don’t just want to listen but also watch something, you can follow the special episodes including video on YouTube in sound and vision.

More information about the episode and the show notes can be found on the website of Achtung Achterbahn.\ \ PS: Please note, that the podcast is only available in german.