Release Notes: Sharing Enhancements & Meta Data


New Functions available now:

  1. Sharing Enhancements
  2. Meta Data in new design
  3. several bugfixes

Sharing Enhancements

When sharing a presentation, there is now, in addition to the already existing options, also the possibility to set the language. Either one of the stored content languages can be selected, or an automatic detection is chosen. In this case, the browser language of the recipient will be used as the language for the presentation/session, if this language is available.

Meta Data in new design

The meta data now appears in a new design and has gained a few additional functionalities. There is meta data for media, sessions, presentations and slides, which all differ a little. The creator as well as the time of creation is now displayed. Additionally the time and the user who last edited the content is visible now. Also the categories as well as the workspace of the content is displayed. The responsibility can be viewed and changed here as usual. Another new feature is the display ID of the content. For slides, the templates used are also displayed, as well as the option to mark the slide as confidential.

Various bugfixes & enhancements

  • Description of the time unit in the Sharing Analytics
  • Improvement of loading time when opening presono for the first time
  • Bugfixes for text editing


To use these new functions in the app, an update is necessary. Here you can find the latest versions:

MSI package for companies

Apps for Windows & Mac