presono makes translations even easier with XLIFF


We'll bring the problem with language right up: Whether it's websites, brochures or presentations, when texts are translated, the translator often has to work with many different file types, the associated editing software and multiple translation tools. This requires not only extensive knowledge of a wide variety of formats, but also a great deal of organizational work and file management. We now make this process much easier, clearer and more efficient with our newly integrated XLIFF module. The result: enormous time and cost savings, from which especially internationally operating companies benefit!

What is XLIFF?

XLIFF (short for XML Localization Interchange File Format) is an XML-based file format that allows translators to focus on what they do best - translating text. Instead of having to find their way around a wide variety of codes and file types, translators can integrate XLIFF files directly into their usual translation tool, view formatting and manage different languages.

What are the major advantages of XLIFF?

What makes the XLIFF file so useful in this regard is that all translations are stored in one file. For example, if a company needs to translate an English text into five different languages, all these translations are stored in a single XLIFF file, instead of a source file and five different translation files. Here the individual text fields, headings, descriptions, etc. are collected in a kind of table, allowing the translation of the texts in different columns. This makes it very easy to organize the translations and keep them up to date. Moreover, XLIFF files can serve as a valuable language library.

Why is XLIFF so exciting for presentations in particular?

Internationally active companies work in many different languages and already use the efficient XLIFF workflow for website translations. However, not only web activities, but also countless sales, marketing and corporate presentations need to be translated or adapted at regular intervals. These translations must be fast, accurate and error-free. Our new XLIFF module makes it possible for all users to export presentations as XML files, send them to a translation agency and then integrate the edited file back into our tool with just a few mouse clicks. The result is an enormous time and cost saving, from which both large and small companies are guaranteed to benefit. 

If you would like to learn even more about our new XLIFF module, please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to advising you personally!

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