Release Notes: Multiselect in our content structure & so much more!


New functions available now:

  1. Multiselect in your content structure
  2. XLIFF interface
  3. Show and hide icons for content
  4. Extensions in the image gallery
  5. Multiple bugfixes and improvements

Multiselect in your content structre

In the content structure and everywhere the content structure is used, multiple elements can be selected simultaniously from now on! Different actions can then be performed on the selected content, like deleting or moving it.

Whether inserting slides into a presentation or moving and managing content in the content structure - multiselect is available everywhere. Select multiple elements by either dragging the mouse over them or by holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key while clicking on the respective content.

Most functions can be found in the content strucutre. First, several content can be moved or deleted at the same time. Note that your rights in the different workspaces may differ. Moreover, a presentation can be created from selected slides and presentations - directly in the content structure.

Along with this, other improvements were implemented, too. Confirming the insertion of slides or media can be done now by simply pressing the Enter key instead of clicking the "Insert" button. By the new multi-selection bar at the very top of the content structure, already selected elements can be displayed anywhere and at any time. So in the slide editor it is now possible to display which content is already inserted or linked.

In addition, elements are now opened with a double click. With a single click, the content are selected.

Read more about it in our knowledgebase!

XLIFF Interface

XLIFF (short for XML Localization Interchange File Format) is an XML-based file format that allows translators to focus on the translation of texts. These files can be fed directly into translation tools.

Our optional XLIFF module allows you to export slides into XLIFF files, send them to a translation agency and integrate the edited file back into our tool with just a few mouse clicks. The result is an enormous time and cost saving, from which both large and small companies are guaranteed to benefit.

If you would like to learn more about our new XLIFF module and its options, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to advising you personally!

Read more in our blog and our knowledgebase!

Hide or show icons for allowed content

In the slide editing there is a new button available for you! The button can be found on the right side of the tools and it allows to show and hide the icons for the allowed content. This should make it easier for you to work with several overlapping areas!

Even more possibilities in the image gallery

There are some new features to discover in the image gallery as well! Many new possibilities are available for you: animations, autoplay, new arrangement options, infinite scrolling and so much more! Additionally a completely new type of galleries is possible: random! With this you can choose some images for the gallery as usual and they will be played in a completely random order for instance automatically.

Read more about this in our Knowledge Base soon!

Multiple Bugfixes and improvements

  • Delete template set preview images
  • Delete profile image
  • Area for images in media upload window collapsible
  • Duplicate and delete template sets
  • Resetting password in profile settings
  • Redesign of login/reset password pages


To use these new functions in the app, an update is necessary. Find here the latest versions:

MSI package for companies

Apps for Windows & Mac