Release Notes: iOS App & PDFs in galleries!


Improved functions:

  1. iOS App Release
  2. PDF integration in media galleries
  3. Enhancement of PDF options
  4. Rename shared content
  5. Improvements in sharing large presentations

iOS App Update

There is now an update for our iOS app!

Various bug fixes and changes have been made to stabilize and improve performance. Also, the new media gallery and the latest features when using PDFs in slides are available now.

Since we have made some basic changes in the background as well, we would ask all users to uninstall the app completely and then reinstall it. When logging in, please make sure that the correct domain is used.

The update is now available in the App Store.

PDF integration in media galleries

Media galleries can already be used in many different ways. But from now on not only images and videos can be used in galleries, but also PDF files! Of course, all the usual and new PDF options are also available for the usage of PDFs in galleries (full screen, page selection, etc.). So galleries can now be used even more versatile!

Extension of PDF options

There are now even more options for integrating PDFs into slides! For example, the new sidebar, which can also be collapsed or expanded during the presentation and in full screen. It is also possible to select which pages to display. The full screen mode and the zoom level can also be used during the presentation in a new toolbar.

Rename shared content

For shared sessions and presentations, the title can now be adjusted during or after sharing. The change is also customized for the recipient of the link. The title can be changed in the share dialog, in the shared content overview and in the detail view of each shared content. Of course, if there is a translation of the title, it is possible to adjust both versions.

Improvements when sharing large presentations

When an external link is sent or opened, there used to be a delay in availability due to loading times due to the size of a presentation (many links). Now, in such a case, a loading screen appears, which already displays the most important information until the presentation has been made available. This page is of course also adapted to the company's own branding!

Various bug fixes & improvements

  • Color variables (change colors in the configurations)
  • Extend link button (if logged in the browser)
  • XLIFF export per presentation
  • Various bugfixes


To use these new functions in the app, an update is necessary. Find here the latest versions:

MSI package for companies

Apps for Windows & Mac