Release Notes: External Links, Thumbnails and so much more!


Improved functions:

  1. External links & more
  2. Video Thumbnails
  3. Adobe Color
  4. License texts for media downloads
  5. New format for translation export
  6. Tip for hybrid presentations

External links & more

Presentations are now becoming even more interactive and versatile! From now on there are two new options for links in Slides. Firstly, links can now be set to a specific position of your Presentation, for example to the third Slide in this Presentation. On the other hand, linking to external sites is now possible as well! Links to websites or other platforms can now be set in the Slide and clicked during the Presentation. The Session will pause in the meantime and you can continue it later!

Video Thumbnails

Until now, the thumbnails for videos were generated automatically. From now on, you can choose yourself what the preview image should look like. In the media detail view a new button gives you the chance to select a specific scene in the video you want to use as a thumbnail. Click it and the thumbnail will be updated. These thumbnails are then used for example in the Content Structure but also in Slides!

Adobe Color

For all Adobe users! The Adobe Color palettes can now be linked to presono! Connect to the Adobe account once and then import the individual colors or entire palettes! The connection to Adobe will be maintained and through our color variables, changes will be applied to all Slides and Templates, if you change something in your palette in Adobe. Convenient, isn't it?

License texts for media download

When media is made available for download in presono, individual license texts can now be set. These conditions must be confirmed before the download can be done. The downloads per media file can then be viewed in the meta data of each image, video or PDF. In the configurations, the texts can be set in the three UI languages and the user groups can be assigned.

New format for translation export

The module for exporting presentations or slides in XLIFF format has been around for some time. (More here) But now a new option has been added to make the export function even more versatile. Content can now additionally be exported in JSON format to be translated in a translation tool and then imported back into presono. This allows translations of Slides to be created, initially pasted or updated automatically!

Tip for hybrid presentations

Did you know? There is a great shortcut for hybrid presentations! For example, if you're presenting by inserting an entire Presentation via a link and you don't want to present all the Slides, you can hold down the Ctrl key and use your right and left arrow keys to jump to the position before or after the inserted Presentation!

Various bugfixes & improvements

  • In the desktop app, an automatic logout notice appears after a configurable period of time in offline mode, so that all users synchronize regularly


To use these new functions in the app, an update is necessary. Find here the latest versions:

MSI package for companies

Apps for Windows & Mac