More than just an update: our latest features from PowerPoint integration to usage listing!


Curious about the latest from presono? We have developed some exciting features in the last few months that are just waiting to be discovered by you. Dive into a world of innovations that will revolutionize your everyday marketing and sales life. And the best part? Everything has been captured in a webinar where you can experience the innovations live. This post gives you an overview of it. Have fun exploring and trying it out!

Prefer to see & hear instead of reading? Click here for the recording of our webinar, in which we show and explain all these new features.

PPT integration and export: Seamless connection with PowerPoint.

The integration of PowerPoint into presono allows you to seamlessly import your existing PPT presentations into the presono platform. But that's not all! With the new PPT export feature, you can also export your presentations created in presono as PowerPoint files. This gives you the flexibility to use your presentations both inside and outside the presono platform. You don't have to start from scratch, you can use the slides you've already created and enhance them with presono's advanced features. This not only saves time, but also ensures a consistent brand presentation. Plus, you get the benefits of both platforms without having to compromise.

Content management made even easier

Managing your content in presono has never been easier. With the "Content usage Listing" you always keep track of your content. You can see at a glance where and how often a certain image, slide or video is used. This makes managing your content much easier and helps you avoid duplicates and stay on top of things. With this advanced feature, you can make sure your content is always up-to-date and consistent.

The little things that count: Videos, colors and a breath of fresh air

  • Video Thumbnails: Now decide for yourself which thumbnail to display for your videos. Simply select the desired location in the video and the thumbnail is updated. This gives you more control over how your content is displayed and gives it a more professional look.
  • Adobe Color: Adobe users take note! You can now link your Adobe Color palettes to presono for consistent branding. This makes your work much easier and ensures a consistent design.
  • License texts for media downloads: When providing media for download, you can now add individual license texts. This gives you more control over the use of your content and protects your rights.
  • Tip for hybrid presentations: With a simple shortcut you can navigate in your presentations even more flexible. This is especially useful when you want to quickly switch between different slide levels during a presentation.
  • A breath of fresh air in your dashboard: Start each day with an inspiring image that motivates you and gives you new ideas. This daily changing dashboard image not only adds variety, but also daily inspiration.

For more details on all the features described, check out our release notes, which will be posted here on the blog on a regular basis.


At presono, our focus is always on the benefits and advantages of our users. Every innovation and feature has been developed with the goal of making your everyday life easier and optimizing your workflow. We hope these latest updates will help you work even more efficiently while making our platform more fun to explore and use. If you have questions, want to provide feedback, or just want to learn more, contact us. Your opinion is important to us, as it inspires us to continue bringing out the best for you. Have fun exploring the new features!