Release Notes: Adobe Express, Object Viewer and more!


Improved Features:

  1. Adobe Express
  2. New options for our Object Viewer
  3. Transfering formats in Layouts
  4. Shortcuts during presenting
  5. New options in our gallery

Adobe Express

With Adobe Express you can now edit your media directly in presono! Yes, that's right! For example, you can remove the background of images, crop them or perform other actions - and all this right in presono. All you need is a free Adobe Express account, which you then connect to your presono account once. From then on you can use all the features of Adobe Express in your Slide, in the Content Structure or in individual Media!

New options for our Object Viewer

3D objects can be a real eye-catcher in your Slides! Now you can choose from even more options than before. For example, you can now specify the direction in which your object should rotate or how many times it should rotate! Take a look and try it out for yourself.

Transfering formats in Layouts

There is now a new function to discover in our Layouts: the format of one layer can be transferred to another! This works within a Layout, but also between Layouts and even between different Template Sets!

Shortcuts during presenting

Did you know that there are also many different shortcuts during presentations? You can now find an overview of these shortcuts in the drop-down menu when starting the Presentation. You can always find an overview of the shortcuts in the Presentation Editor and Slide Editor in the bottom left corner of the respective editors.

New options for our media galleries

There are now some small changes in our media gallery. In the slider gallery, there are now even more options for where the thumbnails can be positioned. And in our swiper gallery, the arrows are now hidden when you are at the very beginning or end of the media items. Have a look!

Various bug fixes & enhancements

Of course, we also worked on minor improvements and bug fixes this time.


To use these new functions in the app, we recommend an update. Click here for the latest versions:

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