Config File for fair configuration

Create/Alter the configuration file for fairs in just a few steps.

If the domain differs from the standard domain, it can be changed here.

Sets the status of the app to offline when true is set.

The offline status can no longer be ended manually.

Hides the Update Centre in the app. This may be necessary if the users themselves do not have admin or write permissions on the device and thus cannot install updates.

Hides the menu bar at the top if necessary.

Specifies that the app runs in full screen (even without a presentation started).

Is required for the automatic login. The mail address can be inserted in plain text.
Note: Automatic login with a SAML/SSO user is not possible.

Is required for the automatic login. ATTENTION: the password must be encrypted. For encryption please use the following link. The password can be inserted there in plain text and will then be encrypted. This encrypted version must be entered back in the config file.
Note: Automatic login with a SAML/SSO user is not possible.

The ID of the desired presentation must be inserted here (only the number string). To do this, open the presentation in the browser and take the ID from the URL. Alternatively, you can also copy the URL from the app, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C, the URL of the presentation is placed on the clipboard.

This means that when the app is started, it is first synchronised before the presentation is started. To do this, the AutoStartPresentation parameter must be set to true.