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Discover the variety and flexibility of multimedia content and its seamless integration in the presono platform: from images, to videos, 3D visualizations, to PDF files and media galleries.

With presono you get a variety of tools and functions that make it easy to include and manage multimedia content. In addition to classic formats such as images, photos and graphics, you can also include videos and PDF files in your presentations. Our special feature lets you seamlessly integrate and view PDFs without leaving the platform or resorting to the default browser viewer. You can even choose which pages of the PDF to display and customize the navigation and presentation as you see fit.

For optimal online integration, you can also insert iFrames to use websites, YouTube videos and other online services. In addition, presono offers a 3D object viewer for displaying and interactively viewing pre-rendered 3D image sequences. Texts and their formatting can be easily added and customized, and even simple tables can be easily used. In the editor you can create simple shapes and graphical visualizations to make your content even more appealing.

Another highlight of presono are the media galleries. These offer you the possibility to create image galleries that also support videos and PDFs. For example, you can create collections of video clips or even a "Movie Center". It is also possible to bundle media related to products, services or testimonials without the need for individual slides or views.

Our overlay content type expands the capabilities of your presentations by allowing you to display content on top of the current view without having to switch pages. This feature allows you to display more in-depth information without having to jump to other locations. This supports building app-like structures and allows for fully interactive app navigations.

Another advantage of presono is the integrated translation management, which allows you to manage all content multilingually. In addition, with our "Media Journeys" we offer our own type of content, which can be compared to short videos. Based on templates and suitable music, the corresponding presono module automatically creates edited sequences from added images and videos. Depending on the template, headlines, annotations and much more can also be added here. Discover the many possibilities presono offers you and take your presentations, product data sheets, interactive overviews, trade show apps and more to a new level.

We would be happy to explain more details, possibilities and resulting benefits of our platform to you. Contact us for more information or schedule a free demo to see how our platform can help you easily present sales content in different use cases, increase marketing productivity, stand out from the competition and increase your revenue.

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