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Templating & Templates: Flexibility meets creativity. With our versatile templating system, you define the look and feel of your content and always ensure brand compliance.

Our templating system provides you with a flexible and creative platform to design your content. With the template editor, you can design everything from standard layouts to interactive brochures and menus, whatever your company needs in terms of visual design for all kinds of presentations and similar content output. Clearly defined content areas make it easy and intuitive for users to fill them, while ensuring that the right grids, colors and fonts are always used.

Our templates make use of content areas and layers, providing a high level of design options, similar to what you know from programs like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Office. Animations can also be pre-defined here and later used effortlessly in your slides and views.

Graphic elements, logos and other design components can also be stored in the templates and accessed later in the various areas of use. This allows users to create stand-out slides, views and other presentations without having to deal with a potentially complex design concept themselves.

With presono's template sets you can bundle several templates that belong together. This way, you can create different sets from standard templates to specific designs for trade show apps and make them available to workspaces or user groups.

Our authorization system allows you to determine which user groups are allowed to use which templates and whether individual user groups or users are allowed to break away from these templates. This ensures not only a high level of customizability, but also security and control over your brand identity.

For advanced users, we also offer the ability to create custom styles and design elements using CSS. This allows you to customize your content even more specifically and create a unique and distinctive look for your business.

With presono, you get an effective, easy-to-use yet powerful templating system that increases the productivity of your marketing team while ensuring a coherent and consistent brand presence.

We would be happy to explain more details, possibilities and resulting benefits of our platform to you. Contact us for more information or schedule a free demo to see how our platform can help you easily present sales content in different use cases, increase marketing productivity, stand out from the competition and increase your revenue.

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