Release Notes: Delete & replace, Notes, iOS App


New Functions available now:

  1. Delete & replace
  2. Notes
  3. iOS App redesign

Delete & replace

In presono there is now a new function to discover! Individual elements can be deleted and replaced by another one in the same moment! This applies to slides, overlays, media and documents. Templates and presentations are excluded. For example, media uploaded twice by mistake can be merged, but you can also use a slide with more current content instead of an outdated one.

It is essential that only elements of the same type can be used for replacement.

Delete and replace…

…Slides and Overlays

To replace a slide or an overlay, select "replace and remove" in the three-dot menu in the content management.

A window with various hints appears and a new element can be selected to replace the previous one.

All attributes of a slide (marked as confidential, notes, translations) are kept and taken along. Translations and notes are deleted together with the slide or they replace the previous element. In both cases, an additional warning appears in the "Replace and remove element" dialog, which points out this fact.

In session links, the previous slides are only deleted, the already generated PDFs are not changed automatically. In presentations, the PDF is updated, just like the link, but this may take some time, depending on the size of the presentation. So in presentations, the slide is deleted and replaced, in sessions it is only deleted.

…of media & documents

The same applies to media. To delete it and replace it with another media (only media of the same type are allowed), select "replace and remove" in the three-dot menu in the content management.

Afterwards a window with various hints appears and a new element can be selected to replace the previous one.

Effects & Permissions

To be able to use this function, the respective user must have the "Delete" right to the content to be deleted and at least the "Read" right to the replacement content.

Content can be replaced across different workspaces, provided the user has the respective rights in both areas.


To use these new functions in the app, an update is necessary. Here you can find the latest versions:

MSI package for companies

Apps for Windows & Mac


From now on you can also create notes for slides. They can be edited and created in the slide as well as in the presentation. During the presentation they can be displayed on the second screen using the presenter mode. Notes can be translated just like presentations. To do so, the language of the presentation has to be switched (top left of the title), then separate notes for the translation can be created.

To create notes, there are two possibilities in presono: either notes are created directly on a slide, or the notes are done directly in the presentation.

The notes in presono can be differentiated between personal notes and public notes for all users. In addition, notes can either apply to the slide in general, i.e. also to all presentations where this slide is used. Or the notes of a slide can only be stored for one presentation.

Find more in our Knowledgebase: Notes

iOS App redesign

The iOS app now comes in a completely new look! This will especially make it easier to use. The new version of the app is visually more similar to the online and app version.

The dashboard has changed optically, the search as well as the filters have been extended and there are also some new functions. Sessions are now available on the smartphone, as well as the kiosk mode settings. Another exciting new feature is that you can now zoom in on individual slides during the presentation.

The latest version is now available in our Store!

Find more about it in our knowledgebase: present with smartphone/tablet