Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #2 Extern communication


The special episodes of Achtung Achterbahn on the topic of digitalization move on to the next round. In episode #2, the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler reveal helpful tips and tricks about external communication in lockdown times. 

Postponed trade fairs, cancelled customer appointments and events: The corona pandemic confronts entrepreneurs with numerous challenges, not only in terms of internal but also external communication. In order to master the extremely difficult situation, it is essential to integrate the appropriate tools into the home office routine as quickly as possible.

In episode #2 of the new lockdown podcast, the two presono founders Martin and Hannes reveal the challenges they face and give an insight on the smart tools they use to manage them successfully.

Specifically, this podcast episode deals with video conferences, digital events and virtual trade fairs as well as sending newsletters. An exclusive insight into Hannes' ECRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) experience is included.

Here you can find the second episode of the Achtung Achterbahn special: 

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More information about the episode and the shows notes can be found on the website of Achtung Achterbahn.

PS: Please note, that the podcast is only available in german.