Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #3 Marketing & Sales


What kind of challenges in marketing and sales are companies currently facing and how can they be solved? That’s what the two presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler discuss in episode #3 of their digitalization podcast special. 

The coronavirus has turned all our lives upside down. Closed shops and business as well as cancelled events are forcing us into digitalization. Companies are now not only facing the challenges of internal and external communication – the accessibility of customers is also being put to the test. In episode #3 of their podcast special, the presono founders Martin and Hannes analyze how to tackle these challenges in the areas of marketing and sales. Additionally they discuss what should be implemented in the online sector and which tools and platforms can help.

Specifically, they reflect on their experiences in the areas of website, SEO, web store, lead generation, CRM, customer presentations and newsletters and provide assistance in order to position companies, brands, products and services in the best possible way even in these currently challenging times. It's worth listening!  

Here you can find the third episode of the Achtung Achterbahn special: 

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More information about the episode and the shows notes can be found on the website of Achtung Achterbahn.

PS: Please note, that the podcast is only available in german.