How to make a successful company presentation


Running a successful business does not only mean paying attention to the quality of the services or products offered. It also means presenting yourself professionally to customers and partners. We have summarized the best way to do this in our guide to successful business presentations.

A successful company presentation can do more than just inform. It can inspire change, attract new customers, convince investors, touch prospective customers or motivate the team. As with any other presentation, it is essential to create moments that everyone will remember. For this to succeed, in addition to the general requirements, strong presentation objectives must be defined and the focus must be on the interests, wishes and problems of the discussion partners. In line with this, you should explain your very personal drive, present your team, your successes and milestones, your procedures and methods, as well as your products and their concrete benefits, including the most important advantages. We will now tell you how you can optimally combine all of this in a professional company presentation.

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The goal of a successful company presentation

A company presentation serves the purpose of presenting your company in the best possible way. Thus, you should be able to give a potential customer a sense of who they are dealing with in a short time.

In addition, company presentations can ...

... arouse curiosity in the counterpart about the company's background.

... arouse needs and generate interest or pressure to act.

... determine requirements.

... evoke positive emotions and generate sympathy.

... act as a basis for a follow-up appointment.

The target group is the focus of every company presentation

The company presentation in the acquisition process often serves as an introduction to a meeting to get to know each other or a needs analysis with a prospective customer. As with any professional presentation, the wishes, concerns and needs of the prospect should always be the focus of a company presentation. Therefore, present to your customers not only what you can do, but more importantly, what you can do for your customers, keeping your presentation as short as possible (15-20 minutes maximum). Don't forget to always adapt your presentation individually to the preferences and previous knowledge of your conversation partners.

General requirements for a professional company presentation

Corporate design is mandatory for your company presentation! With presono, by the way, this is automatically adhered to thanks to central data management.

If you send your presentation to your interlocutor after your talk, you should keep the size of the info package as small as possible. If you use too much memory, you risk that the message will not be accepted by the email server. By the way, with presono you don't have to worry about that either. With our tool you can send your interactive company presentation via link and even evaluate the individual user behavior in detail afterwards. A perfect way to generate valuable data and optimally prepare a follow-up meeting.

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What is your WHY? 

Explain your goals, vision, mission and guiding values

Describe why your company exists and explain what specific problem you solve. By the way, describing the problem is a great way to start by grabbing the customer emotionally directly. This works especially well if the customer is suffering from the same or a similar problem. 

Explaining your vision, mission, goals and guiding values is another important source of information that helps the interviewer get a picture of your company.

Company presentation_GREINER

Company presentation_KEBA

Who are you?

Introduce the founder, management, partners, team, organizational structure

Another building block for the company presentation is the general introduction of the company. Give a crisp overview of your organizational structure and introduce key team members and their skills. 

Company presentation_PRESONO

When did you celebrate which successes?

Outline your company history and historical milestones

Provide a brief overview of your company history and clearly highlight key highlights. For example, report on special certifications, awards, or product innovations.

Company presentation_HAIDLMAIR

Where are you active?

Provide information about locations, markets, areas of operation

Describe your locations, markets and areas of operation and explain what sets your company apart from your competitors. What are your competitive advantages or unique selling points and what are the benefits for your potential customer?

Company presentation_NEMAK

What is your product?

Describe your products and services

The challenge here is not to get bogged down in technical details. When describing your products, services and services, limit yourself to the essentials and have back-up slides ready for any queries. 

With presono, for example, it is possible to set interactive links and overlays. If an interviewer is directly interested in a specific product detail, you can go into more depth with just one click. This is an extremely useful feature that you can also use to send out your documents. 

Company presentation_PREFA

Company presentation_SEGAFREDO

What can your products be used for?

Describe the benefits of your services and products

This is one of the most important parts of your presentation, because here you present your solution to the customer's problem. The better you know or can assess the needs of your customers, the more precisely you can present the appropriate solutions. In addition to the product features, highlight here especially the concrete benefits and advantages for your customers.

Company presentation_SEGAFREDO

How do you work and where do you go from here?

Explain your approach, methodology, approaches, references

A particularly confidence-inspiring way to present the success of your procedures and methods is by means of meaningful reference examples. For this purpose, explain how you proceeded and name what concrete added value the customer had after completion of the project. It is best to give the example of a customer who has already faced a problem similar to yours and show how you were able to solve it.

Company presentation_EVN

Company presentation_PRESONO

The conclusion of your company presentation

Define the end of your presentation with a motivational call or call to action such as "Start the next generation of presentation with us". In a direct conversation, you can also conclude your presentation with an invitation to a Q&A session; when sending out your materials, you can call for contact. Important: In both cases, provide your contact details on the last slide!

We hope you are well prepared for your next company presentation with this guide. To give you an even better idea of an optimal presentation for your company, we will be happy to show you concrete examples in a personal appointment.

No matter if plastics processing, gastronomy or automotive supply industry - thanks to a wide variety of customers such as NEMAK, Segafredo, Haidlmair, Greiner Packaging, KEBA, EREMA and EVN, we have a wide range of presentations at our disposal.

So do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to advising and accompanying you on your way to the perfect company presentation. Contact us now!

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