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View detailed evaluations of internal element usage and external viewing of shared content, optimize content, and gain insights.

Analytics are an essential module within the presono platform and comprise two areas: internal analytics and shared analytics.

Internal analytics enable the concrete evaluation of the content used by showing which slides, pages and presentations were used most or least frequently, in which language and by which user groups, as well as from which workspaces they originated. Filtering of time periods is also possible in order to focus on specific time spans or to compare them. The gained insights provide valuable information for content optimization, product management and sales controlling.

The basis for these evaluations are the sessions, meaning the actual presentation and interaction sequences shown, as described in more detail in the overview of dynamic navigation and sessions.

Shared analytics, on the other hand, focus on evaluations of shared links, which means externally shared content. This analysis function makes it possible to track how customers, prospects, partners and other groups of people interact with the links that have been provided to them. Here the general access as well as their frequency can be viewed, together with the individual slides or pages that were viewed, their access frequency and time spent on them. It is also possible to specifically evaluate who (based on the e-mail address entered, as explained in the Sharing & Integration section) accessed which content, when and how often.

With its comprehensive analytics functions, presono offers a powerful way to monitor content usage and gain valuable insights for optimizing marketing and sales contents. This allows both internal and external usage dynamics to be analyzed and targeted actions to be derived, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience and faster deal closure.

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