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Insights into customer interest

Send content as external links and get detailed insights into your customers' interest. Use these insights to conduct targeted follow-ups and increase the likelihood of closing.

With presono, you have the option to send content as external links and gain valuable insights into customer interest. Once the link is opened by your customers, you can track in the tool who opened the link and which slides, presentations or interactive overviews were viewed how often and for how long. This sharing is done explicitly by users directly from the system and can be refined with additional options such as language, duration of availability and others.

The shared link allows your customers to access the content without the need for installation or download. It works like a normal web link, which they simply click on and go directly to the presono viewer page. There they can view, use and interact with the shared content. Confidentially marked pages or views are automatically removed to ensure the security of your information.

This feature gives you valuable insights into your customers' behavior before and after a customer conversation. For example, you can track what content was viewed before the conversation to pick up on specific topics or send further information based on the evaluations. You'll get a comprehensive view of what's happening with what's been sent and can conduct targeted follow-up activities.

Sending content as a link also offers practical benefits. You no longer have to worry about data volume, as the content opens in the browser and all interactive features, fonts, colors, and media are fully displayed. Videos can be played, PDFs opened and downloaded. You have the option to filter the overview by time period and caller to make detailed evaluations.

This feature is ideal for informational materials, sales collateral, presentations, product overviews, and digital brochures. It provides previously unavailable or minimal insight into customer behavior and offers a holistic view of the sales process. By understanding your customers' interests, you can strengthen your knowledge of them and increase the likelihood of a successful close.

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