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Online & offline available

Using presono, you have the freedom to flexibly show your presentations, interactive documents, trade show apps and others online and offline. Benefit from easy access, optimal performance and seamless offline use, no matter where you are.

presono is all about offering you maximum flexibility when it comes to presenting. Whether you are in the office, on the road at customer meetings, at trade fairs or events - presono is always there for you. You can access your presentations anytime and from anywhere, whether via a web browser or one of our user-friendly apps for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

With the presono app, you can easily install your content, log in and present immediately. A big advantage of the app is the offline mode. Even without an internet connection, you can access the most recently synchronized data and present your presentations impressively and smoothly. This is especially handy in situations where a stable connection is not guaranteed.

Offline mode not only provides reliable performance, but also allows you to take full advantage of all the features, animations, links, and media in your presentations. Even if you have content or linked resources embedded online, they will be displayed and accessible as long as the device running the app has an Internet connection. With the offline feature, you can not only access your presentations, but also create them, with few limitations in offline mode.

presono is an extremely versatile platform that allows you to present, create and access all content on the go and in different locations. You can easily share your presentations, interactive overviews, trade show apps and more via links. Sharing is done directly from the system and gives you additional options, such as chosen language, timespan of availability, and more.

presono is not only about providing you with the tools to create and manage presentations, but also about giving you maximum flexibility and efficiency in using them. With our online and offline functionality, you can present your content anywhere, optimize your performance, and ensure that your presentations are always accessible. Experience the freedom and versatility of presono and take your presentations to the next level.

Learn more about our online and offline features and discover how presono can help you present and access your content with flexibility. Contact our team today for more information or request a free demo.

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