Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #5 trainings & webinars


Public life and everyday corporate life as we have known it so far are currently in standby mode and on-site training courses are not at least history. In episode #5 of their podcast digitization special, presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler discuss how webinars and online training courses can now be of helpful support.

One thing is clear: Companies must now largely reinvent themselves. To reach customers and partners, they must become active in the online world. In addition to topics such as internal and external communication, marketing & sales and e-commerce, the area of webinars & live streams should also be expanded – because these are the current ways to support the transfer of knowledge, information and product presentation.

In episode #5 of the podcast special, presono founders Martin and Hannes will shed light on what a webinar is, what the advantages are and give tips on how to communicate your products, services and knowledge by using them. Furthermore, they discuss the advantages of social media live streams in the context of training, explain why preparation is the most important element and reveal which tools they additionally use.

Here you can find the fourth episode of the podcast special: 

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PS: Please note, that the podcast is only available in german.