Focus on digitalisation as podcast format: #6 Organisation & collaboration


Crises generate a lot of energy which, if used constructively, can be a great source of innovation and inspiration. According to this, presono founders Martin Behrens and Hannes Freudenthaler analyse the lockdown working world and give in episode #6 of their podcast special helpful tips on internal organisation and cooperation.

When working "alone together" via home office, topics such as task distribution, measuring satisfaction in the team, time recording and data management can become new challenges. Here, tried and tested methods such as post-its on whiteboards for work organization or tedious Excel files for time recording need to be digitized in a smart way.

In episode #6 of their lockdown podcast, presono founders Martin and Hannes analyze which tools are best suited for this purpose and how the management of social media channels (with some advantages and disadvantages) can be partially automated. It's worth listening!

Here you can find episode six of the Achtung Achterbahn special: 

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More information about the episode and the shows notes can be found on the website of Achtung Achterbahn. 

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PPS: Please note, that the podcast is only available in german.