The best sustainable trade fair solutions: More success with digital technology


Sustainability is more than just ticking off a checklist. It is a crucial area of investment where companies can achieve real competitive advantages. Particularly when it comes to trade shows, the topics of digitalization and environmental impact are pushing ever further into the foreground. Consequently, the equipment and modernity of the trade fair stand is becoming all the more important. We have collected the most important factors with which you can make your trade show booth not only more environmentally friendly, but also more successful at the same time.

The topics of trade fairs and sustainability have rarely been associated with each other. This is despite the fact that huge amounts of materials and resources are usually invested in the design of individual trade show booths, which often results in a large amount of waste. Awareness of this problem is now coming more and more into focus and companies are actively trying to reduce their own carbon footprint and protect the environment in the context of trade fairs. As this topic is also close to our hearts, we have collected some exciting ideas and possibilities so that we can work towards ecological change, from reducing energy consumption to reusing materials.

Choose energy-efficient electronics

To plan the most sustainable trade show booth possible, energy-efficient electronics are an essential factor. When possible, take advantage of natural light at the venue. Alternatively, LED lights are known to be an energy-efficient option for your trade show booth, as they use up to 75% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. But it's not just light sources that you can look into, you can also look into heating or cooling appliances, televisions, computers and servers to find out about the relevant eco-design requirements and take eco-friendly measures here.

Also, check with your IT operators to see what their sustainability goals are. presono, for example, relies on Amazon Web Services, which aims to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Do without paper

You can safely do without flyers, brochures and business cards, because the modern trade fair can do without them. Especially when you consider that most of it is thrown away after the excitement of the event, takeaways often get lost or left in hotel rooms. Image films, touch apps, landing pages, electronic business cards and interactive presentations replace printed material in a sustainable way, while contact data can be recorded directly on tablets and info materials can be sent directly to interested parties via links.

Moreover, a trade show booth is not simply a means of distributing brochures and technical literature. A trade show presence is a physical environment where you, your customers and your prospects come together to find solutions.

Studies have also shown that people are more inclined to do business with companies that take positive steps toward environmental stewardship. So by eliminating paper waste, you're not only sending an important message, you're also saving on printing costs and CO2.

You can read here how a world-leading mechanical engineering company like EREMA successfully completed the K plastics trade fair with our trade fair app.

Rely on digital tools

As already mentioned, avoid analog means as much as possible and instead rely on digital tools to convince trade fair visitors of your products, services and ideas. Tablets and dynamic displays are a proven way to do this, disseminating information and collecting data in equal measure.

By the way, providing electronic data can be a fantastic conversation starter at your booth, in addition to strengthening your environmental credentials. Important: Consider incentives to encourage visitors to read your information as well. For example, provide free white papers and e-books or interactive presentations that add value to your customers and prospects - while subtly letting them know how you can help them.

You can then use the data you collect in the process to improve your business intelligence capabilities, resulting in more complete customer profiles, better insights and analytics, and more detailed sales reports and sales pitch preparation. In line with this, you can send your interactive info materials with presono with just a click of the mouse and then profitably evaluate the user behavior of the link recipients.

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Avoid long shipping and transportation distances

If possible, choose an exhibition stand supplier that is located close to the exhibition venue. International exhibitors in particular can avoid high transportation costs and environmental impact.

To avoid wasting resources and generate an optimal and sustainable trade fair output, you should also analyze in advance exactly which events are most suitable for your company or your services and products. Consider at which trade fairs you can really hold your own and where you would probably get lost in the crowd.

Invest in a reusable exhibition stand

Try to plan your booth so that you can still use it in the future. To do this, it's best to choose high-quality, durable materials in addition to reusable designs and graphics, and check with your supplier for the best storage solutions.

Rent flooring and furniture

Renting certain elements of your booth, such as flooring and furniture, is an easy way to be more sustainable. These elements can be reused by the supplier for future booths, so they don't have to be thrown away after one use. Renting also reduces storage costs that may be incurred at the end of the show.

The smaller your stand, the smaller your environmental footprint.

Bigger is not always better - because the bigger your booth, the more materials and equipment it requires. A smaller booth also requires less electricity and fewer design elements. So think carefully in advance about how much space you really need to showcase your products and services and make a lasting impression on your visitors.

These are just a few changes you can make to your trade show booth to take another step toward sustainability. If you need support in the realization of interactive trade fair apps and presentations, we will be happy to advise and accompany you on your way to an optimal trade fair presence. In a personal conversation, we would also be happy to show you examples of customers, such as mechanical engineering expert EREMA, for whom we have already successfully implemented digital trade fair tools. Here you can contact us directly.

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