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Product Management

Solutions for product management: Central management meets interactive presentation. Optimize your product management and strengthen collaboration with marketing, sales and other departments.

Product managers are often faced with the challenge of efficiently managing current product information and presenting it in an appealing way. With presono, you will be able to overcome these challenges and strengthen collaboration with other departments at the same time.

Efficient data management and cross-department collaboration

Thanks to presono's central data management, administration and distribution efforts are significantly reduced. Each product manager can be made responsible for their own product group, while others have read-only and usage rights. This creates clear responsibilities and enables seamless collaboration with marketing, sales and other departments.

Access and share corporate content

Avoid duplication of effort and access unified templates, corporate image images, videos and slides. At the same time, product management can provide up-to-date renderings or product photos globally and share them with marketing and sales.

Digital product catalog for all departments

Present your product portfolio in a modern, innovative and flexible way with a digital product catalog from presono. This can not only be used directly at trade shows and info screens, but can also be used by marketing and sales for their respective activities.

Interactive presentations and analyses for targeted strategies

With an interactive presentation, you can not only present your product portfolio in an appealing way, but also collect valuable data on which products are presented most frequently. This information can be incorporated into internal improvement processes and used by marketing and sales for targeted strategies.

Why presono is essential for product management and collaboration

In today's digital world, it is essential for product managers to have the right tools to work efficiently and stand out from the competition. With presono, companies such as HENN Connector Group, Greiner Packaging international, KEBA or WFL have a powerful tool at their side that not only optimizes their work processes, but also strengthens collaboration with other departments and enhances the company's image.

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