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Kiosk & trade fair mode

Various additional options thanks to a dedicated mode for use at trade fairs and in showrooms: presono's kiosk mode offers specific functions for appropriate use on monitors, touchscreens and tablets.

presono's kiosk mode is specifically designed to help companies use interactive presentations at trade shows, events as well as in showrooms. This special mode offers functions tailored to the special requirements of trade fair booths and showrooms.

The pin code option in exhibition mode prevents unintentional exiting of the presentation, protecting against unauthorized access to the operating system level. This ensures that your interactive presentations or trade show apps can be used unattended and that users always remain in the defined presentation context.

Another feature of the trade show mode is autoplay, which allows presentations to play automatically as soon as they are displayed on a monitor or other devices. This facilitates interaction with visitors by providing a continuous and engaging visual display of your content on appropriate monitors or when info touch stations are inactive.

With an additional configuration file, the kiosk mode can be extended to create a complete plug & play solution. Autostart functions, sync settings and much more can be stored here, so that in an ideal scenario, when the power is turned on at the trade show booth or for a showroom, all devices start automatically and display the correct content.

Kiosk Mode is optimized for use on desktop and laptop devices (via Windows or macOS app) as well as tablets (Android and iOS), so your presentations and specific features will work equally well on tablets, monitors or interactive displays. This gives you full flexibility in designing your booth and adapting it to different circumstances, and allows you to make full use of this module in a wide variety of situations on almost any device.

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